A day at the state fair

Zac rode his first roller coaster...and LOVED it.

The jetski ride was a big hit too...

...and the swings....

A little corn for lunch...

What's a day to the state fair without making
a splatter barrel painting?

...or playing cheesy carnival games?

Admiring the Percherons

Coming off his first roller coaster ride,
saying , "Let's go again!"


So busy...

Wow...I barely have time to catch my breath, let alone do much else... I feel as if I am constantly a day and a half behind, buried underneath all there is to do at home and at work...but in the last few days we've had some big events happen that are worth mentioning here.

Last nite, Zac cut his finger badly enough that it warranted a trip to the hospital urgent care for glue, steri-strips and a splint. (Thank God daddy was here to deal with all the blood and panic - Z's and mine). He's doing just fine today and the splint can come off tomorrow.

Marcus started solid food tonite...just a bit of avocado while we were eating dinner...he wasn't sure if he liked it or not, but he was a good sport and got some green goo all over his face. (I'll post pics from both events when I can).

Zac is transferring to montessori school beginning next week. We went to visit one that has room for him this morning and he really enjoyed being there. I think the thing that really sold him on it, more than the plastic spiders from their current bug unit, or the puzzles of the world (he never touches puzzles at home, but worked on two while we were there), or even the other little boys there, was the playground. They have a monkey bar-type helicopter thing that he thought was just the coolest.... So, we will be bidding farewell to TC and moving on to greener pastures. Kind of bittersweet for Chris and I...I'm not sure Z understands fully what's going to happen.

Chris is extremely busy at work...working long, long days (but still taking time to come home for dinner and bedtime for the boys), and traveling a lot. Luckily, up to this point, it's mostly been day trips, but tomorrow morning he is leaving for an overnite trip (my first work morning with dual drop offs on opposite ends of town from my school), and in a couple weeks, he'll be gone for 3 or 4 days. Bless you single parents out there who do this full time...

Anyway, that's all I've got time for for now...the kitchen is full of dirty dishes, the dryer is full of clean laundry and I'm completely wiped out and ready for bed now. This whole family thing is hard work!!


That baby LOVES his brother...

Brotherly love...isn't it sweet?



Summer is officially over in our household.

Tomorrow, I return to work for another school year, and today, Z started full time at preschool. Dropping him off this morning I felt incredible sadness...very nearly the same degree I felt dropping him off at Grams' that very first day back to work after his birth almost 4 years ago. My anxiety about his being at "school" from 730-500 every day caught me entirely off-guard...he likes it there--likes his teachers and the other kids, has adjusted to taking naps there pretty well, eats pretty well (I think) while there...but I'm struggling with the change. I'm sad that he's no longer spending days at Grams', but I also realize that getting socialized to the school setting will help him so much in the long run.

We'll grow into this new routine as we have grown into all routines...with a little time and practice, and then it will become as comfortable as the routine of going to Grams'. I know that in my head, but it just takes my heart a little bit longer to "get it." Sigh.

It should not come as a surprise to me that change is hard for my little boy. It's hard for his mommy too.


So handsome

Telling Catie about the important
job he's about to do

Ringbearer for Hire

Zac was ringbearer at Uncle Jas & Aunt Jess'
wedding this weekend....and let me tell you,
he did a super terrific job! Unfortunately,
I didn't get any pics of him going down the aisle
because I was too busy trying not to cry at
how great he looked and how nicely he walked.
Hopefully someone else got one that I'll be able to share.
It was a great wedding, and we wish
Uncle J and Aunt J all the best!



August 2008

Boy, Zac's hair looks red in this photo...I
don't think it's really that red in person,
but maybe a preview of coming attractions?

Zac at Five Months

December 2004

Happy Five Months, Marcus!

Isn't he the CUTEST?
Add to his list of tricks: blowing raspberries.
So now, he can roll over (and over and over), scoot
around on the back of his head, laugh, grab, chomp,
and blow raspberries.

He's growing up entirely too quickly.



Journaling reads:
It thrills me to see the two of you together...I love that you
want to hold Marcus and spend time with him,
and that you want him to watch you do things...
I love that Marcus smiles so big every time he
sees you and that he laughs when you do silly things.
I hope that the two of you are always this close
and will grow to be the best of friends as time goes on.


Those boys of mine

Aren't they silly?
August 2008


Talk to the hand

August 2008
This baby thinks his hands are THE most amazing
things on the planet...he will spend hours (ok, not
really, but long periods of time) staring at his hand
and sometimes talking to it.
It's pretty dang cute.


Just had to remind myself...

that Marcus really was tiny when he was born...
A co-worker had a baby two weeks ago, and
seeing him today,
I couldn't remember Marcus being
anywhere near that tiny...
but he really was.
He's just getting big entirely too fast.
Case in point:



Fun at Uncle Jas and Aunt Jess'!

We had a blast, and can't wait to come back soon!

How many four year olds....

Know that the little bump on the back of the roof of a car is an antenna, let alone notice that the car in front of you on the road has one, let alone make the comparison that it's not red like the one on mommy's car??

This kid amazes me every day.


Camping Fun

Last weekend, we headed up to the mountains
for a quick overnite camping trip...
It was fast and furious...and fun.
We'll be doing that again soon....

Baby Cuteness


Green Goop Monster

Thanks Grams!