No secrets

It's been a long standing joke in our family that my instructions to Zach are: "If Daddy or Ba (Grandpa Franklin) tell you 'Don't tell mommy,' you run straight to mommy and tell me."

Who'da thunk he was listening already?

Tonite, Zach and Chris were out shopping for my birthday and Chris told Zach, "Don't tell mommy, it's a surprise for her birthday." Zach's response was, "You say don't tell, I have to tell mama...."

So now, apparently, I need to clarify for the boy that Christmas and birthday surprises don't really fall into the "Tell Mommy right away" category....that's reserved for things like explosives and fire.

What a funny little monkey.

P.S. I'll get some picture updates up in the next couple days...well, ok by the middle of next week--we're headed to Sea World - San Diego on Saturday.


Is dere a bed in dere?

Zachary's question when I was laying down with him for a nap and I told him we needed to lay still so the baby could rest....

You gotta love the way a three year old mind works!

P.S. Daddy told him it was more of a "nest"...you can only imagine the images that conjured up for Z!

Open you mouf....

Zach's instructions to me when he was pushing on my stomach in order to get the baby out.


For the fourth year in a row, we went to visit the best Santa this side
of the Mississippi, and as always, Zach sat on his lap with no
problem--tho he was a bit more shy this year and mostly looked
away from Santa, even declining to pull on Santa's beard when invited.