No kidding

More Marcus goodness

He looks like he's gettin' jiggy wit it...
May 2008


May 2008

Chicken Tail

I'm not sure how to describe it, so I'll direct you to this link...
but last weekend we went to see it.
Zach calls it a chicken tail, which I think is MUCH
more fun than rooster tail...

2 Month Pics (better late than never, eh?)


and of course, Z
(for comparison)



So life took over and I haven't gotten things
updated in awhile....who knew that
two kids, two dogs, two cats, a house, a husband
and working full time took up so much time and energy? :)

So...a few pics to tide you over...
I do have other things to post, just no time right now...

Aren't they great? :)


Long Overdue Updates Coming Soon

Things have been CRAZY around here recently...imagine that.

I hope to post several updates and some new pics this weekend--so check back!


In the interest of equal (?) screen time...

Zach's latest most favoritest thing to do is play with
water balloons. Every day, I field innumerable requests to
play with water balloons or fill water balloons....it really
makes sense, knowing Zach--a kid who LOVES water
and things that fly!

Unbelievably cute!



Newest Addition

Can you say SAWEEEEEET?
Just wait till the windows are tinted...