Baby Grin

Isn't he CUTE?


Marcus' first trip to the zoo

So, Marcus was sick, but that didn't stop us from
venturing out to the zoo to enjoy a lovely day of
sunshine and mild weather...

Daddy and Zach love the Andean Condor
(Buzzard as we call him)

And Zach loves the penguins...
(do you see a theme developing here?)

And Marcus slept thru the whole thing...


While sharing is ordinarily a good thing, and something that I would rejoice if Zach were doing voluntarily, the sharing that we experienced this weekend is something I would prefer not to experience again.

Zach started last week with a serious cold: hacking, fever, runny nose...the works. It knocked him for a loop for a day or two. And of course, the day that we were home together, he was all over Marcus. Breathing on him, blowing on him, holding his hand (in fact those cute pictures of them together posted earlier were from that day)...and there is no way to adequately explain how illness is transmitted to a three year old, so I didn't even really try.

And we to the result this weekend when Marcus came down with the same bug. Fever, cough, mucus...the works. Poor little miserable bug. It's never any fun to have a sick kid--but when that kid is 6 weeks old and suffering his first nasty cold, it's even worse.

Luckily, as of this morning, everyone seems to be on the mend, and so far (knock on wood), Chris and I have dodged the bullet.


Boys - 6 weeks old



I thought they looked so much alike at first, but really,
they look quite different...interesting.



I never knew HOW many times a day a preschooler could ask this question.

In my wildest imagination, I couldn't have guessed that that tiny three-letter word would ever drive me as crazy as it does now. When does the next big phase begin?


Smiles, everyone, Smiles!

Marcus has smiled! And his little face, believe it or not, is EVEN CUTER when filled with a baby grin. Can't wait to capture some pics of it.

Marcus Narcus Farcus Carcus

Zach is into rhyming these days, and
one of his favorite rhymes uses Marcus as the
base. I especially love the "carcus" part.

Muddy Boy

One of Zach's new favorite things to do is to
use the hose to dig holes in the dirt, which really
makes sense, considering he's a boy who LOVES water and
dirt...so why not combine the two for extra fun?
These are some shots from a recent dig.
He even had mud up his nose.
A fun time, to be sure.


Uncle Jas and Aunt Jess

With sweet baby Marcus

Happy One Month, Marcus!

And for comparison, Z at one month...

All snoozed up and nowhere to go...

My Boys

Isn't he cute?

Zach and Akki K enjoying some "firt" gun fun

Uh Oh. Don't firt Granma or she'll get you!


Boys in Baby Seats


Yup. Baby Marcus has already had his first cellulitis infection and his first round of antibiotics at the ripe old age of 26 days old.

I took his sock off on Wednesday morning and noticed that his big toe was red and obviously inflamed from what appeared to be an ingrown toenail (however, let me be clear, I HAVE NOT cut his nails, so not my fault! Or anyone's for that matter). So I debated calling the doctor, called Chris for a consult and decided to call the doc. They made an appt for MONDAY at 130 which was tremendously dissatsifying....so, LONG story short, I ended up calling again later when I noticed that his toe was getting visibly worse and made an appt for that evening.

And I'm glad I did. The doctor mentioned the oh-so-frightening MRSA infection that NO mother ever wants to hear uttered in her child's presence...but he has responded very well to the two antibiotics he's on.

First illness down...innumerable illnesses to come.


Baby sweetness


The new obsession in our house: Shaving Cream

(oh, and ignore the color of the bath water--Zach
got a fizzy bath egg for Easter and it turned the
water a creepy orange color - but it smelled good!)


A thousand heartbreaks

Nothing prepared me for the fact that having children opens a person up to a thousand heartbreaks, as well as a thousand joys...but the heartbreaks seem to be so much more lasting (or is it just painful?) than the joys.

Having a challenging child like Zachary, I think the heartbreaks are ten-fold. His temper, the tantrums, his intense disappointment and sadness, these things all hurt me more than I could ever have imagined. And hurt so much because I don't know how to help him with them.

Is there any sound more painful than the sobbing of one's child?



Tummy time on Daddy

And a preview of what Marcus will look like in 97 years.

SO funny

This totally made me laugh out loud.
I love Pearls Before Swine.


Who's who?

Aren't they both handsome?