A visit with Santa

The best Santa anywhere...
and the boys both enjoyed telling him the things
they wanted.


Marcus update

Boy oh boy, is this kid talking. And talking. And talking. And really, a big amount of it is intelligible. His vocabulary includes words like: car (his obsession), truck, apple, light, open, (o)kay, mess, five cents (the fee for gratuitous potty talk in our house--big brother says this a lot), and moon (he loves the moon). It is a joy to see his vocabulary growing so exponentially.

Cute boy


A year ago today

And now he's 16 months old...
where did the time go?

Baby loves raspberries!

July 2009

Ain't he cute?

July 2009



Marcus Scraps

New sandbox

Thanks Daddy!
July 2009

Can you hear me now?

Marcus was running around the yard with the phone to his
ear, jabbering away and laughing...it was the most
hilarious thing I've seen in a long time.
July 2009