Sort of. Grams is on vacation for a month, so I've got both boys for most of the day, starting today. So far, so good. Zac went to school for a few hours this morning, and M and I ran a couple errands....then picked up Z, had lunch, and now watching some Baby Einstein in preparation for DUAL NAPS here in about 25 minutes. I think I can do this for a month, but I honestly don't know how full time stay at home moms do it. Parenthood is surely the hardest job on the planet...and one that doesn't pay very well....but does have great bennies at times. :)


I can't stop!

Zac’s new word lately is ridikleous, as in “It’s
ridikleous to have a swimming pool on your head.”
It’s so lovely to hear him say it that it warranted
it’s own layout.
I love it.



Zac, your new thing is to be as silly as possible any time I want
to take a picture of you - like these on the last day of your
first year of Montessori school. It wouldn’t be so bad if
I could even get a smile out of you, but mostly I get your
tongue sticking out and very little cooperation.