Happy Birthday Chris!

I love you honey!



Zac at 10 months

Oh dear.
This doesn't bode well at all....
I thought Zac was busy--he's NOTHING
compared to the hurricane that is his brother.


January 2009
Can you even believe those eyelashes?


I can't even believe that I am posting these
pictures for the whole world to see....poor
Marcus. He would be mortified if he knew.
I turn my back for five minutes
and THIS is how I find my son dressed....not by
my worst enemy, but by my beloved HUSBAND!

I know, it kind of makes your eyes bleed, doesn't it?

Marcus at 10 months

So much for elephant photos...he doesn't have
time for them any more....and frankly,
I can't catch him and shoot the picture
before he starts to move again.....oh well.

Zac asked,

"If you took the moon out of the sky, would it just go back up?"


Happy Last Day of George Bush's Reign of Error!

I cannot wait for the excitement tomorrow...the future is looking much brighter than it once did.

Peace out.


Thinking about a change

to another blog host, that is.

I've got friends who are on Wordpress, and I've already got my blog name saved over there, but up to now, hadn't thought REAL seriously about switching...

I'll keep thinking and once I've made a decision, I'll let you know.


I think we need a little flashback...

October 2005

July 2005
(just before his first haircut)

March 2005

January 2005

November 2004

(and am I the only one who is irritated that Blogger
now posts your photos in the reverse order of how you
upload them???? Argh)



Kleenex box snow shoes

Someday, this kid will be famous for the stuff he invents.

Being a prototype, of course, they had a few bugs
to be worked out.
Namely, they disintegrated in the snow.

Zac Christmas

Looks like Santa came thru again this year

It was a very gamey Christmas

Cool bike for Granma & Poppa's house

Marcus' First Christmas

What's Christmas without candy canes?

Can you even believe how cute he looks?
Me neither.

Time for updates!

Things are movin' and shakin' around here... Marcus is crawling like a little maniac and of course, he ALWAYS bee-lines for whatever prohibited thing is nearest--his favorites being anything with an electrical cord, night lights, dog food dishes, and the stairs. I am working to train him on descending the stairs properly, but he is in too much of a hurry to stop and back down, so he typically crawls at full speed (which is surprisingly fast) straight for the bottom. Sigh. It's exhausting to spend longer than about 10 minutes with him. :) But he is awfully cute, and doing very well now that his tubes are in. We suspect that he has already had another ear infection, based on the goop that was seeping out of his ear, but thanks to the tubes, we were all able to sleep thru the nite.

Speaking of sleeping thru the nite, we are working with Marcus to get him to give up the two or three bottles that he typically drinks between bedtime and morning...and he's not especially happy with us for doing it. We have had to resort to a modified Ferber method, and it triggers my PTSD from the nites in the Omnigon Pit of Despair when we had to do it with Zac, so it's pretty painful. Fortunately, Chris is amazing and has been working with M, and really, he's a quick study--not nearly as stubborn as his big brother, so we're doing pretty well in the sleep department all things considered.

We also had to move the crib mattress to its lowest setting because Marcus is such a daredevil that I wouldn't put it past him to attempt to climb out already--especially when he was so disgruntled with us for not picking him up when he demanded it. The beauty of that move is that now we have to change diapers on the floor (poor second child, we never purchased a changing table for him) which really makes every diaper change an adventure not to be soon forgotten. :)


Happy 2009!


Where did 2008 go?

Oh well...onward and upward, I suppose!

I hope this year is the happiest and healthiest on record for everyone.