A new friend...

Kayla is our new friend! I met her mom online
on a message board for babies born in July 2004, and
today we got to meet at the park for the first time.
We hope to do it again soon!

Is this a face only a mother could love??

Oh my sweet little boy is SUCH a messy eater...
but boy, does he enjoy his food!

Some pics from March...

March 2005


My thoughtful boy


The good news, and the bad news

So we took Z to the ENT today, and the good news is: his ears are totally clear.

The bad news is: his ears are totally clear.

So I don't know why we have suddenly started having bad nites again... I have to say, I'm both relieved that we're not looking at any sort of surgical intervention at this point, but disappointed because I wanted to know that there was a CAUSE for these sleepless nites. Other than "fussy baby."

I guess we just wait to see what tonite holds for us...


And so we begin again...

Rough nite last nite with Zach...after several good nites of sleep, the last two have been markedly worse--with last nite being REALLY bad, so I called Dr. T's office this morning to see if they wanted to rule out ear infection.

Instead, what we got was an appointment with an ENT tomorrow morning, and instructions to discontinue the antibiotics until after he's seen. Dang. It looks like we might be headed for tubes. Poor baby.


Bathtime fun

He figured out how to drink from the shower sprayer...
So hilarious!


How funny is this?

I'm not sure HOW the O got on his head,
but it stayed there for his whole meal.
Cracked me up.


Pinwheel fun

Daddy loves this picture for the pinwheel motion effect...
It is pretty cool, except for that silly look on Z's face. :)


We have a new sound...and boy is he proud of it!! He laid in his crib for 30 minutes this evening after I put him down, saying it over and over and over and over and...

Pretty darn cute.

Can't wait for him to say MAMA!!!!!!

Preview of coming attractions?

Is this what he'll look like in three months?

He also likes OLIVES!

Foods I think it's funny that Zach likes:

1. Dill pickles

2. Black olives

What next?

This is what I think of walking...

At Great-granddad's 80th birthday celebration

I love these feet!



Who needs toys?

When you've got empty an paper towel roll?


Monthly pics...my how he's grown and changed!

(coincidence that he's wearing the same
outfit this month as last month...)









9 Month Stats

We just returned from Zachary's nine month well-baby check up and here's the scoop:

18 pounds, 4 ounces (about the 10th percentile)
27.5 inches long (again, about the 10th percentile)

His left eardrum is still inflamed, so we are going to be starting on a low, prophylactic dose of antibiotic daily to try to stave off any further infections. However, if one does erupt in the next week or so, we will have to go to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist to see about having tubes put in Zach's ears. So we're going to hope for the best with the antibiotics.

Other than that, he's doing great, and is definitely the cutest baby in the universe.

My Silly Baby

Silliness with mom



Two days old

We are so blessed...

Sometimes, I am just overcome with emotion when I look at Zachary...I cannot believe that he is so perfect, so innocent, so wonderful...and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. It's not always easy, but I am reminded that nothing really worthwhile ever is easy...and parenthood is certainly the most worthwhile thing I have done in my life so far.

I cherish every giggle, grin, squawk and flap. The tantrums, fussing and occasional grumpiness adds a richness to my life that I never knew was lacking (even if they are somewhat frustrating at times). Watching him learn and master new skills and explore the world around him is absolutely magical.

Sometimes, I panic at how quickly he is growing up. Nine months have passed already, and it seems so much shorter than that. He is much more a little boy now than the tiny infant we so anxiously waited for 9 months ago today. When I first saw him, I didn't think I could possibly love him any more than I did that very second.

How very wrong I was.



Dill pickles.

No kidding.

This kid cracks me up.

Sepia Sweetness


THIRD TOOTH! (and more on the way!!!)

A third tooth on Zach's bottom gum has emerged...precisely NOT where I was expecting the next one to appear! And in looking at his top gum, it looks like there are about four more just itching to break thru, so we could have some major teething action going on around here for the next few days...

But maybe not. We'll see.



Having fun in the tub


Thanks Sidney!

Sid can hardly wait until Zach is done eating so
that she can clean out the high chair...

Unfortunately, she only gets the dropped O's...
she doesn't clean the prunes off the sides or cushion...

However, she does get every single O to be found...


Feeding Zachary has become quite a challenge recently.
If one is lucky, he will remove the thumb from his
mouth intermittently for a period of...oh, half a second or so,
luring one to attempt to sneak a bit of food in before
the thumb returns immediately to it's original position.
Perhaps it's like sherbert...cleansing his palate between bites?


Our first outing to the park!

First trip to the park!

Loving the swing

Riding the pony with daddy's help

Look at the ducks!

Where did those ducks go?
Zach enjoyed the ducks SOOOOO much
that he refused to get into his car seat...

What a fun day...

Fun in the pit...

A new ball pit!

I think he likes it!