Gotta RAVE about DH

My dear husband (DH for those of you unfamiliar with the lingo) really is the world's greatest... I'm just sitting here thinking about the SWEETEST thing he did for me last nite, thinking about how very lucky I am to have him in my life (not to mention he helped to create the cutest, most wonderful baby in the universe).

I was
was playing with bleach (very carefully, of course) while wearing one of my favorite shirts (can you see where this is going????)...and of course looked down to see that indeed, I had splashed bleach on my shirt despite my caution. I was annoyed with myself for not having changed my shirt before playing with the bleach, and so mad at myself for ruining my shirt.

Well, Chris says, "I'm going to go out and look at car seats...I'll be back in about an hour." (a plausible story because we do need to purchase one more car seat).

But do you think he went to look at car seats?


That little sweetheart snuck to the mall, to Christopher & Banks (my favorite clothing store), bought me a new shirt AND got me a gift card in a very generous amount so that I could buy myself some new clothes!!

Did I already mention how lucky I am????

Paging Dr. Crackenbacker...

Sleepless nites are beginning to get us down. And by us, I mean all of us...me, Chris, Zach...the dogs... It's really a mystery, what causes Zachary to wake after a few hours of sleep and then proceed to cry for hours...especially when he can put himself to sleep at the beginning of the evening with no fussing at all.

So, wondering if it was his ears AGAIN causing the problems, I took a more enlightened path today (? at least it was alternative), and took Zach to my chiropractor. Yup, I let that mean old (ok, so he's not that old) guy who delights in popping my bones in crazy ways get his mitts on my son. Before the adjusting began, Dr. Crackenbacker did check Z's ears with the otoscope (aren't you impressed that I know the name of it??), and apparently, they looked good (darn, there goes that theory), if slightly waxy.

Zachary was a natural for the chiropractic scene...he got his picture taken as a "well adjusted kid" and didn't cry once when the doctor was working on him (this is better than mommy does most times). He's down for the nite now...we'll see how things go.

And he goes back to Crackenbacker on Monday for another adjustment...which I do need to inquire about--one of Chris' co-workers took his 8 month old baby to a chiro, and they only had to go ONCE and she was cured...maybe I go to a cut rate chiro? Bargain basement back adjustments? Hmmmmm.....

We'll keep you posted.

Too much cuteness...really.

Enjoying the doorway jumper 3.31.05 Posted by Hello

Check out the new additions...

I am proud to announce that I figured out how to add "Quote of the Day" and "Funny Quote of the Day" to the sidebar...check back daily to see if I actually did it right and the quotes change like I think they're supposed to. This may tide you over on the days that I am not actually able to add anything of substance (?) ...

Or not.

You choose. But enjoy the quotes while you're deciding.


Zachy Zachy Zachy get your Zach fix here...

3.27.05 Too much cuteness...

Love the aquarium!

Extreme closeup...who can resist those gorgeous eyes? Posted by Hello


Thank you Easter bunny!

Zachary's first Easter 3.26.05 and 3.27.05
8 months old

Look at all that loot!

Yum, mini Cadbury eggs!

And marshmallow peeps!

And of course, the requisite chocolate bunny...

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How sweet is this?

3.26.05 Playing with Valentine bear from Gma H - 8 months old Posted by Hello

Oh Easter Bunny....

3.26.05 Preparing for Easter... 8 months old Posted by Hello


How popular is your name?

This website will give you the answer to that burning question.

Come on , you know you're curious.

Hey Handsome

Going back to a classic Zach picture....He was 7 weeks old at the time. I love this picture. Posted by Hello

Have you ever seen such a lovely smile?

What a joyful little boy! 3.10.05 Posted by Hello

L337 hacker

Future Hackers of America: President Posted by Hello

Sleep...glorious sleep...

Zach's ear infection must finally be getting better (after three doctor's visits this week), because he finally slept most of the nite last nite (woke only twice, including breakfast nursing this morning).

And you know what that means???!!!!???

Mommy slept too! I feel like I won the lottery or something. It's amazing how much cuter your baby is in the morning after a fairly decent nite of sleep than after a rotten nite. Maybe he won't be an only child after all. :)


Our monthly picture: 8 months old!

8 months old today!!! Posted by Hello

Technical difficulties...please stand by.

I'm still working on the pictures...so don't get your panties in a twist...


So there's a REASON he's fussy...

I'm so glad I went with my gut on this one, and didn't stop with the diagnosis by Dr. "Your baby is just fussy"...I took him to his own doctor today, and Zach has a double ear infection--no wonder he's been so miserable at nite. So, he's on his second round of antibiotics, and hopefully will be back to his flapadoodle self in no time.

I'm going to bed...gotta sleep while the sleep is good!

Oh, and for the record: he's 17 pounds, 5 ounces. :)

A current pic of the Zoodle:

3.20.05 Hooray! Posted by Hello

Technical difficulties...

I know I said that pictures were forthcoming...and they are. As soon as I figure out how to batch upload them so that each one is not a separate entry. In the meantime, I'll do one current one to tide you over. :)

Stay tuned.


Zachary's milestones to date:

7.22.04 Zachary James Erwin born at 6:12 am via c-section, 8 pounds 2 ounces, 19 inches long
  • lots of poopy diapers, feedings, kisses and cuddles interspersed throughout...
  • 7.29.04 1st sponge bath
  • 8.2.04 lost umbilical cord
  • 8.15.04 1st smile (and no, it wasn't just gas!)
  • 9.17.04 1st nite in the crib in his bedroom
  • 10.14.04 talks to toys on bouncy seat toybar (very cute!)
  • 10.15.04 1st laugh!!
  • 10.24.04 1st cold
  • 11.3.04 grabbing everything!
  • 11.10.04 mom goes back to work, g-ma Steph babysits (hard day for all!)
  • 11.22.04 laughed at the dogs
  • 11.29.04 rolled tummy to back! (yay!)
  • 12.12.04 rolled back to tummy (mommy missed it...she was looking at a Staples ad)
  • 12.15.04 we have a baby pteradactyl - and love him a lot!
  • 1.6.05 sits up well with very little support
  • 1.9.05 1st solid food: organic whole grain rice cereal
  • 1.11.05 Ferber sleep training begins (I'm not sure who cried more, Zach or mommy)
  • 2.3.05 1st tooth peeks thru!
  • 2.11.05 1st ear infection (no fun!)
  • 2.14.05 sensitivity to penicillin discovered...see 2.11.05
  • 2.26.05 probable milk allergy - hives on face after any dairy (formula, yogurt)
  • 3.7.05 has rediscovered his tongue...so cute
  • 3.9.05 approximates the sign for "more" while eating
  • 3.13.05 moved to big boy car seat (convertible...no more infant seat. Darn.)
And that pretty much brings you up to date on Zachary...major milestones and other fun things. There is no guarantee that I've recorded them all here, nor are the dates set in stone, but at least you get the general idea of what he's been up to.

Now for the pictures...


So we went to the urgent care clinic today, hoping to get a diagnosis of ear infection (to help explain these awful nites we keep having)...but you know what we got??

Diagnosis: fussy baby.

Yup, that's really what the dr. wrote on the form.

Anyone know of a medication for that????


Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy

2.23.05 Zachary reading one of his favorite books with daddy Posted by Hello

Sleep - who needs it?

Apparently, Zachary doesn't think mommy and daddy do...his new trick is to wake up around midnite - 1AM and cry and fuss for an hour or more...unless he's being held, in which case he goes to sleep nicely--only to wake up in a fit as soon as he's put back into the crib. Ever since his ear infection in February, I'm paranoid that maybe his ears are bothering him again, and can't bear to just let him fuss himself back to sleep. So we're not getting a whole lot of sleep in our house these days.

Last nite was especially heinous...awake from 130 to almost 300 (which normally wouldn't have been bad, but I had gone to sleep LATE (midnite) because of my exuberance at discovering this blog). Writing it here, it doesn't seem so bad...but trust me, living it is another story. I propose an experiement for you if you want to see what my nites are like. Set your alarm for 1.5 hours after you go to sleep and stay up for an hour. Then reset it for 3 hours later and stay up for 30-45 minutes. Then 1.5-2 hours later get up for the day. And repeat for weeks on end.

Let me know how it works for you.

I see why sleep deprivation is such an effective torture tool. You will too.

P.S. Updates are still forthcoming...but maybe not until tomorrow.


My first blog post!

So, I'm hopping on the blog bandwagon (blogwagon?), and starting my own blog...perhaps I will better be able to keep this updated than I have done on our homepage. I do like that I can add photos...we'll see how easy that turns out to be. Now I can share Zachary's milestones with the world (cuz I know they all care!). :)

Tomorrow, I shall bring you all up to date. Till then...

Isn't he the cutest?

Zachary 3.04.05 Posted by Hello