So today, I was at Toys R Us with Zachary and my sister, and she was pushing the stroller as we approached the checkout lane.

The doofus behind the register asks me, "Are you buying things for your grandson?"


Are you KIDDING me??

Ok, so I have more gray hair than my mother (who, incidentally IS Zachary's grandmother), but I don't think it's the place of some bozo at TRU to point that out to me. Good grief.

Monkey Dooz

Here is where Zachary is going for his first haircut...should be fun for all of us!

I'm tearing up....

I just made an appointment for Zach's first haircut....

Tuesday at 1230, his mullet will no longer be with us. My little boy is growing up.



During a lull in the balloon action on Saturday,
Zach decided to pursue something more attainable...


We've created a monster

After Zach's initial excursion into the sprinkler the other day,
he has decided that he HAS to get in it when he sees it...
So the other day on our way inside he saw it, and, since he was fussy
and it was an easy way to quiet him,
I caved.
He had fun, and I got some cute shots, so I guess we both won.


I was just thinking about how wonderful it is that Zachary is so innocent and doesn't know how to judge or berate himself, he has faith that he can accomplish anything he wants to, he doesn't know disappointment (well, maybe he does when he screams for not getting his way)...he's just such a wonderfully pure canvas, ready to experience all the things that the world has to offer him.

Too bad we can't bottle that innocence and take a dose of it now and then when we're grown up.

The changes are astounding


So sweet


Experiments in eating

Since Zach is 11 months old, I decided it was time he
learned to eat properly with a bowl and a spoon

Trying to use the spoon...

Forget it! Fingers are better!

Bah! Who needs utensils or serving vessels at all?

Notice the beans dropping from the bowl near his right elbow...

Eating properly is sure hard work! :)


The more the merrier

Chris' reaction when he saw these pictures was,
"You have WAAAAAAAAY too much time on your hands...."
(he's just jealous that we have so much fun....)

It IS a little crowded in here...

Now, I'm a little lonely...



Zachary has been doing wonderfully since he got the tubes placed in his ears...he is so happy and fun--THIS is the baby we've been missing for the past few months. Chris and I both noticed that his runny/stuffy nose hasn't happened since he got the tubes, so it seems to me that the nose and the ear infections were somehow related. So, it was a difficult hour to get thru (for me, anyway), but SO worth it!!

Hot air balloon mania!

So, yesterday, we got up EARLY to go out and watch the balloons
launch from the balloon rally that was held here for the past few days,
and boy was it fun!!

I love this picture because of the sun (pretend I'm not in it)

Zachary wasn't sure what he enjoyed most: the balloons or looking
at the other kids who were there

Isn't this a GREAT shot?

Ever the contemplative one...

This is my favorite balloon, I think

My new favorite picture...



Sprinkler Fun

Zach's first foray into the sprinkler...

He loved it.

My favorite guys

I LOVE this picture of sleeping Zachary with his daddy...

Thank goodness

We're done with the ear drops that go along with Zach's surgery...the nurse told me that they do burn a little, and Zach just cried and cried and cried each time we put them in.

Well, he must have known that last nite was the last dose, because he cried - hard - for 35 minutes after we put them in. He wouldn't take his bedtime bottle and just got himself totally worked up...it broke my heart. But after all that trauma, he slept beautifully last nite, and woke up the sweetest, happiest baby on earth.

Look how TINY he was!

August 2004
Looking at him now, it just doesn't seem possible.
But there he is on daddy's lap.


Fun with Gus

Tho Gus might not agree...he's just innocently
trying to get some sleep.
But he just has all these *interesting* parts!

And more fun shots...

"I'm talkin' to you!"

He spots Gus resting and sees his chance to strike...

Oh...but what's over there?

11 Months

My how they've flown by
One month old



That's what Zach's surgery is called.

And here is more information about it than you ever wanted to know...warning, there are some graphic pictures...but hey, it's what was done to my son this morning, so you might as well look, right? And it really is kind of interesting...

But a few hours later...

...Zachary was feeling spry enough to try out his new pool!
And he had a wonderful time!

Recovery Bug

Doesn't he look a little miserable?

I just came across these...

September 2004
...and they were way too cute not to share