No secrets

It's been a long standing joke in our family that my instructions to Zach are: "If Daddy or Ba (Grandpa Franklin) tell you 'Don't tell mommy,' you run straight to mommy and tell me."

Who'da thunk he was listening already?

Tonite, Zach and Chris were out shopping for my birthday and Chris told Zach, "Don't tell mommy, it's a surprise for her birthday." Zach's response was, "You say don't tell, I have to tell mama...."

So now, apparently, I need to clarify for the boy that Christmas and birthday surprises don't really fall into the "Tell Mommy right away" category....that's reserved for things like explosives and fire.

What a funny little monkey.

P.S. I'll get some picture updates up in the next couple days...well, ok by the middle of next week--we're headed to Sea World - San Diego on Saturday.


Is dere a bed in dere?

Zachary's question when I was laying down with him for a nap and I told him we needed to lay still so the baby could rest....

You gotta love the way a three year old mind works!

P.S. Daddy told him it was more of a "nest"...you can only imagine the images that conjured up for Z!

Open you mouf....

Zach's instructions to me when he was pushing on my stomach in order to get the baby out.


For the fourth year in a row, we went to visit the best Santa this side
of the Mississippi, and as always, Zach sat on his lap with no
problem--tho he was a bit more shy this year and mostly looked
away from Santa, even declining to pull on Santa's beard when invited.


1st annual gingerbread house building

Zach was the official "tester" of the building materials

The finished product in all it's glory



We've re-enrolled Zach in gymnastics after a few month
hiatus, only this time he goes during the day with Grams and is
going to a new place, so I was feeling sad about missing out. But
this weekend was the open house where I got to witness my
child run around with wild abandon and hang on bars and jump
on trampolines and run himself ragged.
It was wonderful.

Isn't he too freakin cute?


Just a reminder

That altho he is utterly beastly for some parts of some days
(i.e. TODAY), he is absolutely, unequivocally lovable
when he is asleep.


Play Doh

The latest obsession at our house. We spend HOURS making and
blowing up rockets and missiles and airplanes. And then making
them over again. And blowing them up again.
(must be a boy thing)


at 21 weeks, I've started to feel the baby move on a regular basis...last nite, s/he was VERY active...which makes this whole thing seem more real. Yikes.


Preparing the airplane costume

Trying out the box

Painting the box

"We're having a baby..."

So last week, Zach found out that he's going to be a big brother. We haven't intentionally not told him to this point...it just seemed pretty early to start talking about it, and maybe leading to months and months of "When will baby be here?" so we just never really brought it up.

Last week after our ultrasound appointment, I went to pick up Zach as usual. Steph asked how the ultrasound went and I replied, "Good, it was wiggling all over, moving a lot" and Zach, being ever perceptive and curious as he is, said, "What wiggle?"

So I looked at Steph and said, "The baby."

"What baby?" my so smart little one asked.

"The baby in mommy's tummy."

(Insert a totally incredulous look on Zach's face here, right before he breaks into a big grin, SURE that I am just messing with him.)

He runs over to me and attempts to look up my shirt to confirm the existence of this so-called baby in mommy's tummy. A little later, he tells me that "It's just food" in my tummy. But that doesn't stop him from attempting to look up or down my shirt at any opportunity.

Since then, I think he's beginning to come to terms with the idea, altho I'm not sure he totally believes it yet. In March, he'll believe it.


Carving Pumpkins

Really, the guts are the best part...


Naughty Sid, on the couch...



Love those jammies!

Daddy's little helper

Boo at the Zoo

Our little pilot

Not sure why the troubled face for this one...

Zach and Popeye

Watching the condor eat a turkey leg in a pumpkin



Some of you know that we are expecting a baby in March (and now all of you know), and when I get my scanner configured for my new computer, I hope to put the ultrasound pictures here for your viewing pleasure. We elected NOT to find out the gender this time (our 20 week ultrasound and final opportunity to take a peek was last week), so we will be surprised on March 14 (our scheduled delivery date). It's a little different preparing for a baby when there's a three year-old running around (read: NO PREPARING) so here's hoping that in the next 130 days we can get the crib set up, the room cleaned out and some of our baby clothes out of the attic....

Sad little boy

We were preparing to start Zach in preschool this fall, but as
the start day drew closer, he grew more afraid and sad, and one
evening during dinner when we were talking about it,
he went and sat on this box by the door, looking truly heartbroken.
(Needless to say, we canceled preschool for this year)

Backyard fun


Popeye and Zach

Best thing about washing hands...

Soap beards!