Sleep deprivation

I totally understand why sleep deprivation is an effective torture tool.

Wish that I didn't.


Oh, and I can I just say

how annoying it is to be standing 8 deep at the Redbox, waiting to return a movie (along with 7 other people also waiting to return movies) behind one lameass couple who has decided that they need to browse every available title before FINALLY deciding what they want to rent?


The sound of one baby clapping

Is about the cutest thing ever.

It's Marcus' new trick--just started in the last few days. However, a surefire way to get him to stop clapping is to pull out the video camera, much to my consternation.

But it's darn cute. Trust me.

Teeth or ears?

It's anyone's guess why Marcus has already woken up three times this evening....I'm hoping the nite isn't as long as I fear it might be.

A first in the Erwin household

Zac dressed himself this morning in clothes that HE picked out. Pants, shirt, underwear...it was all appropriate, and he even put everything on correctly! He has NEVER shown any interest whatsoever in dressing himself, or even in picking out his own clothes, so this was very exciting.

Here he is, posing next to a Lego tower Daddy built,
moments before it was scheduled for demolition.


Thanksgiving Silliness

Each year, we draw "themes" for Christmas stockings
to split the effort of filling them--things like "What Smells?",
"Tool Time," and "Eat Me" are the topics to pick from.
Then we draw from a vessel of some sort and this year,
in what may become a new tradition, we stuck them to our
heads like Indian (Is that PC any more?) Poker.
The last person to have theirs still stuck to the head
won bragging rights. For whatever they're worth.
This year, it was Jess.
Jason sneezed his off, and I knocked mine off with
my camera when I took a picture.
Everyone else was out of contention VERY early on.

Sick Children....AGAIN

I think it's our destiny to be sick until June.

Marcus, who just finished his latest round of antibiotics (NINTH for those of you keeping score at home) on TUESDAY (yes, that was three days ago), has yet another ear infection. Or, as I'm sure is more accurate, has the same ear infection rearing it's ugly head again. It's time to talk tubes with the doctor. This is not going to get better on its own--daddy and big brother both had tubes--Marcus is destined to have them too. Oh, and he has a bit of bronchitis thrown in for good measure.

Zac just has some bronchitis. And disgusting green goo seeping from his nose.

So, both boys are on antibiotics again.....and hopefully headed into wellness. Someday.


Marcus Eight Month Stats and pics

18 pounds
Cute, isn't he?

And some Z time

I call this one "Boy with Noodle"
November 2008

Cuteness cuz it's been too long

November 2008

1000 Posts

Here it is.

Number 1000. Wow.

I tried posting a video to commemorate the occasion a week or so ago and it never uploaded...and with two sick kids and working full time and a wreck of a house, I just never got back to trying. So here I am with just a brief update:

Marcus is STILL sick with his fourth ear infection--it's now a double ear infection because the antibiotic he was on for the past 8 days wasn't working. So today, we have a new antibiotic and new hope that some of us will be getting some sleep in our house tonite.

Zac has been fighting some virus for several days (we've been to the doctor's office three times in the last 9 days) but he's hanging in there. We had a sick day yesterday where the boys and I stayed home and practiced feeling better...it sort of worked. Except that I'm home again today with M and will have TONS of work waiting for me when I return to work tomorrow.

It occurs to me that I have not just one full time job, but two.

No wonder I'm such a disaster...I'm just not organized enough to handle it all.

Ah well....



Historic Day!

Wow. That's about all I can say. Wow.

Maybe there is hope for the world that my sons will someday inherit.



A little more Halloween related fun

October 2008

I wanna be a cowboy...

First pony ride!

And a little more at ease on the bale of hay....
23 October 2008


Zac's first school program

What a thrill it was to attend!
October 31, 2008

Cool clouds

Some of the very cool clouds in our skies yesterday


Recycling Z's pumpkin costume

And Z as an astronaut

October 2008