Oh my.

I heard this on NPR this afternoon and was completely dismayed....

" States don't come much redder that Idaho." WHAT??? I knew this was a conservative state, but COME ON people!

I've got to move to a blue state. The bluer the better, frankly.



This is what Zachary decided to yell repeatedly in the bathtub tonite.

No idea what he thought was unfair, as he was facing the wall when he was yelling, but he obviously felt compelled to state his opinion.

What a nut.

I've used the Google. Have you?

This is hilarious. The leader of the free world. Sheesh.


On this date in 2004

We were at George & Jocele's wedding...
look at that sweet baby!
(Happy Anniversary guys!)

Silly zoo video

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Zach loves the penguin statues
outside the penguin exhibit...
He loves to run around them saying,
"Huge! tiny. Huge! tiny."
What a silly boy.


Another trip to the zoo

October 2006

The carousel is a regular thing when we visit
the zoo now...just like sharing a
root beer float before we leave ("foat juice")

Looking for penguins

No moose on the loose here
(Funny story: as we were heading down the path
to get to the moose exhibit, we walked under
an oak tree where a squirrel happened to be
perched. The squirrel dropped (or threw) an
acorn right as Zach walked by, hitting him smack
on the head with it. Unfortunately, I missed this
event, but Chris was a witness, and for the rest of
our zoo trip, Zach kept saying, "Acone, head" and rubbing
his head. It was hilarious.)

Enjoying a cracker snack on the lion

Little Update...

Wow...late October already...where have the last 8 weeks gone?

Things with us are good...Zach has been sick for a month - fevers off and on for days, runny nose, congestion, cough...the works. Took him to the doctor last week, and was told there was nothing wrong with him...but he's had a fever every day since. Hmmmm. Aside from being sick, he's totally amazing.

His vocabulary is exploding - he's using short sentences ("I fall," "Hurt me," "Help me," "I do it," "My turn"), tantrums are less frequent (but when they come, they COME), he has definite opinions about things ("nope"), and is totally into the Halloween (Ha'ween) thing - calling every guy he sees either a "mosh" (monster) or "dude." It's a little embarrassing for me to be in the store with him and having to say, "No honey, that's a dude, not a monster."

Our four-legged friend Lily stayed with us for 3 1/2 weeks, and Zach was in heaven while she was here. She is the most patient, sweet dog ever. She tolerated Zach's climbing all over her, spraying her with the hose, and played fetch with him for hours on end. It was great for both of them. (Calvin and Cleo, on the other hand, weren't so thrilled)


October 2006
This series of pictures is one of my favorites...
I love the fall colors, his expressions, everything.

Look at the large version of this picture...his eyelashes
are so unbelievably long...

And if you weren't convinced by the sink pictures...

October 2006
He did this all on his own.
Cracks me up daily, this kid.

What a silly kid...

October 2006
HATES having his head sprayed in the tub to wash
his hair, but give him a stool and a kitchen sink

What a nut.



...to keep your interest.

Keep checking back! Updates soon!

Pumpkin Boy

What a difference a year makes...
But man, he is SO cute in this picture!


Totally gobblelicious!


My apologies...

No update tonite...too tired.

But MAN, is that kid cute!!!

Stay tuned....

Stay tuned

I've got LOTS of photos cued up for posting and hope to get them posted tonite...along with some silly stories about the boy, so check back!


Slide movie

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September 2006

Silly sandbox boy

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August 2006
Silly boy climbed into his sandtable and proceeded to play
Ring Around the Rosey

"Feisy" food

The other nite, we took Zachary to a local Mexican food restaurant for dinner. In typical Z fashion, he dug right into the chips and bean dip and then discovered the salsa. He dipped his chip in, and after his initial surprise at the spiciness faded, he proclaimed it: FEISthY (feisy with a very soft 'th' in there). He was hooked. He then proceeded to dip every chip into the salsa - even the really spicy salsa, and each time said, "Feisy."

So cute.


Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Mark Foley's escapades in the House and the Republicans' efforts to cover it up.





We've got the sickies in our house, so no pics this week (I'm headed to bed). Zach's had the crud for about 5 days (fever, runny nose, a bit of a cough), and tonite, my throat is getting sore, so I think I'm the next victim. I expect Chris will follow suit any day.