I can't even remember him looking like this!

September 21, 2004
It's weird, because it seems like he's growing up SO fast,
but this picture seems like it was FOREVER ago--he's
changed so much.


September 24, 2004
Such a pensive looking little guy

Eating solo

August 2006
Yum! A yogurt snack!

Look at the concentration!
Isn't he beautiful?

A big, beautiful backyard...

August 2006
...and he has to play in our "weed garden" ...sigh.
Tho in this series of pictures, he IS knocking down
a huge, ugly weed with a large stick.
After that, I let him play with steak knives and matches.

Baby Idol

August 2006


The adventures of Zippy the slide master

September 2006
(or something like that...)
Sunday morning fun in the backyard...

For my next daring stunt...

I will go face first!


Filling daddy's shoes

September 2006
What is it about parents' shoes that kids find
so fascinating??? It's universal, I think.


Moving on....

Saturday, Zach helped Daddy disassemble his crib and move it from his room....

Now, nearly all vestiges of babyhood have been moved out of the room. It's getting harder and harder to believe that he's not growing up.

When did it happen?
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Remember the computer game we got for Zach?
Here is him dancing to one of the games.
Tell me if this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen....
(click the picture to watch video)

Zachson Pollock?

September 2006
The other nite, Daddy thought it would be
fun for Zach to paint again...
Boy, was he right!

Z knows his colors (!) and would hand the brushes
back to Daddy and say,
"More greet (green)"
"More red"
"More bue"
"More oich (orange)"

We had separate brushes for each color--to try
to keep it from becoming a grey mess...

Look how thoughtful he is!

The second painting was handprints...
the greet (green) one is Chris'
and the red one is mine

Both paintings turned out beautifully,
and will fetch a handsome price someday,
I'm sure.


Some new pics...more to come!

August 2006
The new "do"...a buzz cut just in time for
the end of summer. Oh well.
It looks great on him!

At Sarah's wedding

Getting kissed by the first girl who's not immediate family!
(thanks, Catie!)

Silly boy in his sandbox


Funny Zach story

Last nite, as we were eating dinner, Zach looked up in the hanging fruit basket, and noticed a very black banana (for banana bread) in the top basket.

Being the astute two year old that he is, he quickly deduced that it was what it looked like, and proclaimed, "Poop!"

Luckily, I had swallowed my milk before he said this, or my dear husband would have been taking a milk bath right there at the dinner table.

After we explained that it wasn't poop (even tho it did sort of look like it), he decided he wanted to eat it. But after licking it and taking a small bite, he quickly changed his mind and asked for a regular banana.

Never a dull moment. Never.

Holy cow...

I can't believe the hard time I'm having in getting updates posted...I just don't have the energy, it seems.

But, having said that, I PROMISE that there will be photo updates tomorrow. So check back. Please?