I LOVE this picture!

July 2006
Fun in the sprinkler
(or should I say WITH the sprinkler)

Corn on the Cob

July 2006
First corn on the cob (pictures, anyway)

Movin' on up

July 2006
No more high chair...now Zach's moved to a booster at the table with us!


Honey, get your head out of the toilet

Add that phrase to the list of things only a parent would say...

Zach has developed a fascination of watching the toilet flush and we have a black toilet, so it's pretty hard to see--thus the head in the toilet. All the way in.

I understand that fascination with flushing can be one of the signs of readiness for potty training...well, I'm ready whenever he is, but he doesn't seem to be in much of a rush yet.

In the meantime, I'll try to keep him from giving himself a swirly.


Our crop circle kitty

(isn't he adorable?)

Lots of updates today...

...so be sure to scroll all the way down to see everything!

I hope it was worth the wait...

(What am I saying? It's ZACHARY...of COURSE it was worth the wait!)

Birthday pictures (better late than never!)

July 22, 2006
Early morning Play-Doh fun
(remember, our day had a VERY early start)

Toast and strawberry jam for breakfast - yum!

Look at all those BALLOONS!

Bob the Builder cake (by great aunt Barb...and she IS a great aunt!)

Zach with great granddad

Putting Calvin into his (Zach's, not Calvin's) new chair

Opening of the loot

A rad new "bike"

And the coup de grace: a hel-LA (Zachspeak for helicopter)

We can always count on Bronco gear from Uncle J!

Trying the new wheels

This picture cracks me up...
jumping on (and off) the Bounce Around
(while daddy is still trying to finish inflating it)

And finishing the day with a snuggle
in bed with Calvin.
What a great day!

Two YEARS! Where has the time gone??

Minutes old
July 22, 2004

One year old
July 2005

Two years old
July 2006
(eating toast and jam for breakfast)

Day six of vacation - heading home

July 2006
Multnomah Falls, second take
We attempted to visit the falls on our way TO the coast,
but Zachary had a major tantrum (of unknown origin - TOUO)
so we abandoned our plans. This time, things went much

..at least before the train came along (directly overhead)
and scared the holy beejezus out of the dogs--so they
never made it to see the falls. They were so traumatized
we had to take them back to the car.

The falls - beautiful!

Us at the falls

Camping at the casino in Pendleton--they have an RV park there!

Performing water experiments

A VERY tired little boy (we put the camp pillows beside his head to support his neck somewhat...it looked a little silly, but seemed to work all right)

The picture he would kill me for posting...but it's so cute...
And then....we were finally home. We loved
vacation, but were so happy to be home!

Day five of vacation

July 2006
A boy and his dog
Zach has decided that walking the dogs looks like
a lot of fun...and when they behave (rarely), it is fun.

A boy and his daddy

I really love this shot

Marching on the beach

...and marching...

...and climbing the mini-dunes on Agate Beach...

I love this shot of the dogs

A boy and his dog, part 2

Someone dug a cool hole on the beach,
and Zach had fun climbing in and out of it

Another "hole" shot


Technical difficulties

Well, the program that I use to upload my photos is acting up, so we are on hold for another day before the last of the vacation pics and the much anticipated birthday pics can be posted...

Bear with me!



What a wonderful day it was...despite the ridiculously early start.

Zach's birthday party was a delight, with family all around--not to mention some pretty good loot!

But I'm too tired to even upload the pics from the camera, so will post nothing until tomorrow. Check back then. :)

Good nite.


Altho he's only two, he MUST have known it was a special day because we've been up since 530 AM...I think he wanted to ring in the exact moment of his birth or something.

We've already played with bubbles, played in the skychair, eaten oatmeal and a banana, watched an episode of Little Einsteins 3 times, played with some misc. toys, played with PlayDoh, chased Calvin (oh, did I forget to mention we got a new kitten last nite???), laughed at the dogs, crawled into bed with daddy, crawled out of bed with daddy, and now are exploring a magnet and a metal clip...fascinating.

And it's barely 815.



Happy birthday little man!


Day four of vacation - the day that blew Zach's mind

July 2006
We went to the Tillamook Air Museum and Zach absolutely loved it (so did daddy).

We saw planes, planes,...

and more planes!

You get a sense of scale from this shot

The camels represented something about Iraq...how many missions flown, I believe

Sitting in a helicopter training cockpit

...and a jet fighter cockpit

Absolute heaven for a little boy who LOVES buttons, knobs and switches!

And of course, no trip to Tillamook is complete
without visiting the ice cream and cheese factory!


Sweet chocolatey goodness!

What a face!

And to end the day, we found a playground where we got out to run around a little bit. This is Zach practicing one of his moves from gymnastics--hanging on a bar.