Water Park Fun

Not far from our house is the greatest public park on the planet
(seriously)...the park is all ADA-accessible, includes a marvelous
playground, soccer fields, tennis courts and a FREE water park with
various fountains and squirters and dumpers.
Amazing fun on a hot day.
And doesn't cost a dime.

POS man

You know, the POS man...the guy that drives the brown truck and brings things to your door?

That's what Zachary calls him.

POS man.

Let your imagination run with that one if you dare... :)


Some birthday pics (FINALLY!)

Altho it WAS Zach's birthday, his best friend "Popeye"
couldn't resist helping to open presents...Zach didn't even mind.
I guess that's what best friends do.

Rockets from Uncle Jas...perfect.

And yes, he is now a bonified superhero: Z-Man thanks to Jess
providing him with his own cape...
Thanks goodness we requested no gifts from people...
imagine what the room would have looked like otherwise!

Answer: Cuz I a boy

Question: Honey, why are you so noisy?


My new name according to Zach.


He asked Chris today, "Where's Honey?" and when I came out of the house he said, "Hey Hon..." (he being Zach, NOT Chris)

Life with a three year old is NEVER boring. (at least life with THIS three year old)

Edited to add, Chris just informed me that when Zach was outside looking for me, he was yelling, "Hoooonnnn!......Hoooonnn!"

What a pip that kid is.