New sandbox!

It's actually a sand and water table - tho Zach doesn't know about the
water part yet. Given his obsession with water and experimenting with
it, we've decided to wait for warmer weather before introducing
any water to the equation.
He loves the sand part tho!

Notice the lettuce behind the ear

Fashion accessory or eating mishap?
You make the call.

More fun with Josie

Zachary loves that little dog. Maybe cuz she's his size.

Shark Boy the Pan Man

Playing with pans in shark jammies

This picture cracks me up...


31 inches tall

According to the doctor's office. That's an inch and a half more than he was (by their measurements) at 18 months.

He's still a little on the petite side, but he's growing (and besides, look at the genes he got!). So I feel good.


20 months old!!

8 months old


20 months old

what a silly boy!

Baby, you can drive my car


Big helper!

Zachary likes to help with the yard work...
creating more of it, that is!


Meeting Josie

Granma & Granpa H got a new dog last week, and when Zach met her
the first time, it was quite traumatic for all involved.
Josie barked like crazy - high-pitched, loud schnauzer bark, and
Zach cried and cried and cried. Runny nose, the whole works.
Finally, after 10 minutes of soothing both parties, a truce
was reached...and now they are best buddies!
I think Zach loves her cuz she's about his size.

Spring snow

It was a lovely day for some snow adventures in the backyard

New adventures & tricks

Just to update on some of the silly/cute/funny things Zach is doing lately...

  • Loves to "drive" his milk cup around on his tray making "car noises"
  • Saw his first ladybug on Saturday and was completely fascinated. In fact, when we went outside yesterday, he went to the spot we saw it and looked for it again
  • Is kind of freaked out by ants and gnats...there are some gnats that live around the base of our ficus tree, and he goes to look at them and makes a funny, intense noise/whine when he sees them. I know he does the same thing at Grams'
  • Has started saying "uh-oh" when something drops/falls/spills/moves
  • Has started making "kissing" noises on occasion when asked for a kiss
  • Sometimes groans with the effort of picking up a ball (a soccer ball for example) that he is pretending (for lack of a better word) is very heavy--this cracks me up!
  • Loves to kiss the pets, and is getting much more generous about giving people kisses as well


More flashing back...

With pictures like these, how could I NOT?


I just realized that a year ago today I started this lovely chronicle of my darling son's life....and thought that deserved recognition. :)


Time for a flashback

I could just GOBBLE him up!


Don't Impeach, Impale

I laughed out loud at this...

Impeachment just isn't proper punishment for the evil, cowardly, imperialistic slime buckets of the Bush administration.

By Will Durst, AlterNet. Posted March 15, 2006.

I don't know about you guys, but I am so sick and tired of these lying, thieving, holier-than-thou, right-wing, cruel, crude, rude, gauche, coarse, crass, cocky, corrupt, dishonest, debauched, degenerate, dissolute, swaggering, lawyer shooting, bullhorn shouting, infrastructure destroying, hysterical, history defying, finger- pointing, puppy stomping, roommate appointing, pretzel choking, collateral damaging, aspersion casting, wedding party bombing, clear cutting, torturing, jobs outsourcing, torture outsourcing, "so-called" compassionate-conservative, women's rights eradicating, Medicare cutting, uncouth, spiteful, boorish, vengeful, noxious, homophobic, xenophobic, xylophonic, racist, sexist, ageist, fascist, cashist, audaciously stupid, brazenly selfish, lethally ignorant, journalist purchasing, genocide ignoring, corporation kissing, poverty inducing, crooked, coercive, autocratic, primitive, uppity, high-handed, domineering, arrogant, inhuman, inhumane, insolent, know-it-all, snotty, pompous, contemptuous, supercilious, gutless, spineless, shameless, avaricious, poisonous, imperious, merciless, graceless, tactless, brutish, brutal, Karl Roving, backward thinking, persistent vegetative state grandstanding, nuclear option threatening, evolution denying, irony deprived, depraved, insincere, conceited, perverted, pre-emptory invading of a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, 35-day-vacation taking, bribe soliciting, incapable, inbred, hellish, proud for no apparent reason, smarty pants, loudmouth, bullying, swell-headed, ethnic cleansing, ethics-eluding, domestic spying, medical marijuana-busting, kick-backing, Halliburtoning, New Deal disintegrating, narcissistic, undiplomatic, blustering, malevolent, demonizing, baby seal-clubbing, Duke Cunninghamming, hectoring, verbally flatulent, pro-bad- anti-good, Moslem-baiting, photo-op arranging, hurricane disregarding, oil company hugging, judge packing, science disputing, faith based mathematics advocating, armament selling, nonsense spewing, education ravaging, whiny, unscrupulous, greedy exponential factor fifteen, fraudulent, CIA outing, redistricting, anybody who disagrees with them slandering, fact twisting, ally alienating, betraying, god and flag waving, scare mongering, Cindy Sheehan libeling, phony question asking, just won't get off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling, two- faced, inept, callous, menacing, your hand under a rock- the maggoty remains of a marsupial, oppressive, vulgar, antagonistic, brush clearing suck- up, showboating, tyrannizing, peace hating, water and air and ground and media polluting which is pretty much all the polluting you can get, deadly, illegal, pernicious, lethal, haughty, venomous, virulent, ineffectual, mephitic, egotistic, bloodthirsty, incompetent, hypocritical, did I say evil, I'm not sure if I said evil, because I want to make sure I say evil…

EVIL, cretinous, fool, toad, buttwipe, lizardstick, cowardly, lackey imperialistic tool slime buckets in the Bush Administration that I could just spit.

Impeachment? Hell no. Impalement. Upon the sharp and righteous sword of the people's justice.

Listen to Will Durst's Will & Willie Show, Monday through Friday, 7-10am PST, on KQKE, 960 AM. Or listen long distance at quakeradio.com.


The Bumbo: Rediscovered

Ok, so he doesn't really fit, but what the heck?
He thought it was a pretty neat little chair.


Political Activist

We start 'em young in this house!
(P.S. If you live in our fair city, please vote YES on Tuesday!!)


Yes, they both have Zach's pants on their heads...
(notice Z's bruised forehead from Monday's bonk)



Z's first venture into the joy known as playdough

It was a WONDERFUL time!

Sink fun

Zachary started out sitting on the washer and dryer,
but slowly inched his way along the counter to the kitchen sink
(I guess he thought if he went slowly, I wouldn't notice)
When he made it to the sink, he was in HEAVEN, playing with the water.

He likes conducting experiments to see how different things react in water

Inching into the small sink...

...and now into the big sink....
(notice all the kitchen utensils in the sink--victims of experiments)

Now checking out the sink stopper

What a silly little monkey!
He was totally soaked when I finally took him out
of the sink--about an hour later--but he had
SO much fun.
Now he wants to do it every day....


Technical issues (again)

Well, I've been trying to upload some more pictures, but lately the software that I use to do that seems to be on the blink...

I'll keep trying...and you keep checking back! It'll be worth it. : )



That's the sound I heard when Z tripped and landed head first on the corner of the bookcase in his room... It didn't break the skin, but I'm surprised that the resulting goose egg didn't--it was instantly HUGE. Poor little bug.

But he was a trooper--we got some ice and his blanket and rocked together for about 10 minutes before he decided he was feeling better (tho not looking better at all) and off chasing Cleo again.

A fun day at the park

...rolling in the grass...

...pulling the wagon...

...laughing at other kids...

...playing music...

...riding the duck...

...going down the big slide with daddy...


Watching George

Curious George, that is


...and getting pretty good at it!