Ok...so the computer re-do thing didn't go so well. As we were recovering the system, when we went to install disk 2 as requested, the computer decided it wasn't the RIGHT disk 2. So, now we have to order some recovery disks from Compaq and then continue what we started...sometime a week from now or so.

Oh yeah, I could use our other computer to post pictures, and there's a chance I will, but not right now. I have a cake to frost and some potato salad to make in preparation for the Zeedle's birthday tomorrow....number 3 already!!!!

So...until we meet again....

...taps playing softly in the background....


Pictures forthcoming....

I've been taking lots lately so as to have plenty for posing here (and enough to warrant Zach's admonishing me more than once, "Stop taking pictures, Mama")...and now my computer is acting up and won't let me upload the pics from the camera. So stick with us...we're troubleshooting the issue tonite--and most likely starting with a fresh install of everything.....

Remember, patience is a virtue. :)


"It be a beautifuw fing"

Zach: "Someday I fweep myself wike Ewwen and Mowwy and it be a beautifuw fing."

Translation: "Someday I will go to sleep by myself like Ellen and Molly and it will be a beautiful thing."

That kid cracks me up! :)


One thing I've noticed...

Is that now that Zach is up and running about 23 hours per day, I don't take NEARLY as many pictures as I did when he was a smiling little blob of baby boy. Just keeping up with him is enough to keep me VERY busy.

But now that the blog is back up and running (yay!), I'll make an attempt to take more shots during our days together.

Now, if I could just get him to sit still for a minute.........

Boy pic

Fourth of July fun...this was after he shed his flotation
devices and kickboard...after this, he was pretty well convinced he
could swim/float on his own.
Daddy helped him discover that he couldn't.



I'm attempting to make a comeback here...we'll see what happens.

Things have been crazy busy in our lives lately--on a whim, we decided to sell our house and bought the first house that we looked at....all within about 10 days. Even tho that was well....two months ago, we're still working on getting settled. Moving with a toddler is an interesting venture--and definitely NOT for the weak. We were lucky enough to sell our old house to the second people who looked at it, even tho the market is getting pretty soft around here. The new house is fabulous and I will post pictures soon.

I finished up my first year as a full-time elementary counselor, and love it even more than the day I started. I'm REALLY looking forward to starting at the same school (for two consecutive years) in the fall. Zach is as busy as ever...talking up a storm (I'll start posting some of the silly things he says in the next day or two--along with pictures since I'm CONFIDENT I can get beyond my difficulties now that I have a little time to figure it out). He loves his "new house" and his new bedroom and is still as obsessed with airplanes as ever. His obsessions have expanded, however, to include fans, fountains and escalators. His daily request is to "Go new Fwed Meyer see if fans pwugged in".

Alright, back to unpacking boxes...more soon. (I know, I know, you've heard it before...but wait and see, I might just surprise you!)