Time for another flashback...(cue retro music)

May 2005
What a cute little buglet!

Fun for all

May 2006
Zach's happy cuz he's playing with water
Gus is happy cuz he's getting sprayed
Daddy's happy cuz the whole scene is amusing


Uh Oh.

Zach's newest, most favorite word (aside from "buh" in all of it's incarnations) is: UH OH. He says it many, many times each day, for any number of events. It's cute as heck, but I always feel like I have to respond, in case it's a real UH OH.

Also, we are heavy into communication frustration in our house. Zachary has big ideas and no way to adequately share them with us, which leads to big frustration on both sides of the equation. I know this stage will pass, and he will begin communicating with us in a language we can understand, but it almost can't happen soon enough. For all of our sakes.


We have TWO syllables!

Nah has now become Nah-Nah!!




May 2006
Pringles and Slush Puppies: the ideal way to kick
off your family's first camping trip
(I think we're nominated for Parents of the
Year in the nutrition category...)

The fearless sledders

Good thing we took Zach's sled with us--we forgot to take
it to the dune, but Adrian and Z had fun
with it anyway.

The good dogs!

Our camp, such as it was. Not an ideal
spot, but I still had a wonderful time

In the city or in the desert, this boy LOVES
to play with water ("wah")

There were treasures to be found in Auntie K and
Uncle A's tent...

And then there were adventures to go on

With some supervision, of course

He looked so darn cute, dragging that lantern around.
We still don't know what his ultimate goal was...
maybe just some good photo ops for mommy.

Searching for bugs

Such a camper

Sleeping in the next morning

Hanging out with Uncle A

We forgot coffee cups, so Chris had to resort to
drinking his coffee from a Rubbermaid dish

Cookies for breakfast--this solidified our award
for Parents of the Year in the nutrition category.
(but in our defense, he had eaten hardly a thing for the whole
trip...well, aside from the Slush Puppy and Pringles.)

See the next post for the following day's adventures on the dunes.

Dune fun

May 2006
We are blessed to have some of the tallest dunes in North
America just a short drive away, and as part of our camping trip,
we decided to tackle one of the smaller dunes
in our own assorted ways.
Kristen and Adrian opted for "sleds" made out of
cardboard, complete with FLAMES, handles, and titles:
UNIBOMBER and UNIBOMBER II (the sequel).
I told her later they should have been called
Sandbiscuit and DUNE-A-BOMBER...

At any rate, the "sleds" were pathetic.

The fears of death and dismemberment from flying
down the dune at mind-boggling speeds were
mere figments of our overactive imaginations.
Adrian finally managed to slide a LITTLE with some help from
Chris, but it was quite anti-climactic.

Zachary, however, had a marvelous time on the dune

Just chillin'

Sliding down on his belly


It was like the biggest sandbox ever, and Zach loved
every minute of our adventure.


Then and Now

10 months old

22 months old
(looking under entertainment center)

Such a clown!!


So far, these are the words of Zach's that I can somewhat make out, and sometimes know the meanings of. Note that there are VERY SUBTLE pronounciation differences that I am not able to adequately convey via text, so just use your imagination.

Buh - blanket
Buh - bug
Buh - bath
Buh - balloon
Buh - bubble
Buh - ???
Fwa - fly (as in airplane)
Fwa - fly (as in pest)
Fwa - fries (as in French)
Fwa - flower
Bah - Grandpa Franklin
Titty - kitty (this seems to be his ONLY p0lysyllabic word as of yet)
Wa - water
Wa - rock
Wa - ???
Da - Daddy
Nah - banana
Puh - pocket
Haa - hat
Hah - hot
Haa - ???
Cah - car (is he from Boston?)
Cah - bird
Coo - cookie
Key - key
Shew - shoe (which he seems to think means outside....)

The rest is Greek (or Korean, I'm not sure) to me. And still no Mama in reference to me...he makes the sound, just not very meaningfully.

*As I think of new words he's using, I'll add them in color...


May 2006
A new word of Zachary's is "puh" which I eventually
figured out means POCKET--as he kept putting food inside his
shirt. When he got down from dinner, he was a walking
snack machine for the dogs...chicken and noodles dropping in a
trail to lead him back home.

Sprinkler fun

May 2006
Fully dressed, of course.

First irrigation of 2006

May 2006
This boy is so water crazy that I had NO chance
of keeping him out of the water--nevermind that the
water temp was probably somewhere around 50 degrees
and the air temp about 60 degrees...


First "pet"

Yesterday, Zachary found a small beetle on the kitchen floor (our house REALLY isn't that dirty, I swear) and he spent the next hour or so studying it, carrying it around, putting it down, picking it up...basically manhandling the poor thing. When daddy got home from work, he created a small habitat for the beetle and Zach then put it in the habitat, and took it out, and put it in, and took it out. Finally, the beetle got lost somewhere, and Zach's interest switched to something else, and that was the end of the pet.

I wasn't able to get any pictures because the camera is at Chris' office, but I did get some video. Just put your imagination to work.


Trip to Shoshone Falls

May 2006
Over the weekend, we took a day trip to Shoshone Falls
and everyone had a great time.
The falls were spectacular (taller than Niagara by 212 feet),
Zach hiked like a trooper,
we took a million pictures (surprise),
and then we drove home.

To give you some perspective on the falls,
there is an observatory deck with people on
it, near the upper right hand corner of the picture.