Sweet baby goodness

He really is like this most of the time...
October 2008

When you're four...

...and you sometimes take off your pants to go potty...


...you end up putting them back on backwards.
And it doesn't even phase you.
October 2008


Now *I'm* sick AGAIN....

This is really getting ridiculous.


This isn't funny any more...

Not that it ever really was, but the illness in our house is getting ridiculous. Marcus is finally done with his antibiotics, I'm done with mine, Chris is now getting sick, and Zac was diagnosed Monday with ANOTHER ear infection.

So they put him on a cefalosporin antibiotic because he's allergic to penicillins and sulfas. Well today during dinner, he was complaining about his hands hurting. We decided it looked like a rash--an allergic reaction rash--so off we went to urgent care...for like the 64th time in the last six months...and sure enough, he's allergic to yet another antibiotic. This is not good news for a child who get so many ear infections...the pool of drugs from which to choose is becoming decidedly smaller. And his ear infections are NOT the kind that simply run their course and then he gets better...his current illness has been hanging around for upwards of three weeks with no signs of improvement anywhere.



Happy baby

Does that hair look red to you??

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy

Zac enjoying this Sandra Boynton book at 7 months with Daddy...

...And Marcus enjoying the same book at 7 months with his big brother

So sweet.



Voted absentee this year (to avoid lines at the polls)...and just completed my ballot and popped it in the mail. There's something very satisfying about knowing that it's already done and that I won't have to try to get to the polls toting one or two small children. On the other hand, now I don't get one of those "I voted" stickers to proudly wear on my shirt for the next three weeks. Ah well, it's all about sacrifice. :)

Oh, and as an aside, there's a guy running for US Senator, listed as:

Pro-Life (A person, formerly known as Marvin Richardson)

Are you freakin kidding me????????? I completely laughed out loud when I read it. Haven't heard or seen any of his campaign literature, guess he's hoping to get votes simply based on his "name."

I love mommy

...back at ya, kid. :)


Sweet moments

...and silly boys.


Zachary at 7 months

Already with the thumb...



We start 'em young

on airplanes, that is. :)

Sweet baby



Oh and....

lest I forget, let it be known far and wide that Marcus is currently battling his third ear infection. Double this time.

I think this is his 5th or 6th round of antibiotics in his not-quite-seven months of life.


And, everyone in our house is sick this weekend...nothing serious. Just runny noses, croupy coughs, and restless nites.


Silly boy

October 2008
Zac and Daddy were headed to the crawlspace to
look for any signs of water damage, and Z wanted
to have a light attached to his glasses like
Daddy did. But Z only has sunglasses.
Daddy popped the lenses out, attached the light,
and away they went.
(with Octopus, cuz it was a fooky dwinture)

Cutest thing ever

If you don't believe me, just click play.

Thank you, Baa for the balloon.


Thank you

to all friends and family who offered words of support and love and offers of physical labor and kid watching in response to my struggling post...I am unbelievably blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

Things are going somewhat better now that I am openly talking about my struggles...the house is still a wreck, but a bit of progress has been made, both in cleaning up and in accepting the mess. Work is hard, but rewarding. Kids are hard, but rewarding. And I keep reminding myself that this too, shall pass....way too quickly.

So thank you again.

This is too freakin funny...

In case you missed it.