Zachary is really getting good at saying please when prompted...and even sometimes when not prompted...it's the cutest thing...."pees" (which now that I type that, I see that it looks like I'm talking about a bodily function...ah well) and sometimes he signs it at the same time.

We have also figured out what "ah-buh" is...AIRPLANE! He only says it about 3000 times a day, and it only took us about two weeks to figure out. Who says we're not sharp parents?

And for the record, he's making up for lost time on the whole "Ma ma" thing...use your imagination on that one.

Love that kid. Love him to bits.



June 2006
Loving water as much as he does, of course Zach
loves to play in the bathroom sink

He is also very interested in keeping his skin
looking so youthful and dewy

He carefully applies skin care products

But he hasn't quite gotten the "rubbing it in" part
down yet. He puts chapstick on his face, Carmex,
lotions of all sorts...if it comes in a tube or a pump
bottle, in his mind, it's made for his face


Climbing, playing with blinds...

June 2006
Zach loves to climb up on the back of the sofa and
walk along it, dirtying up the windows as he
goes, and I'm totally fine with that.
What drives me crazy is when he plays with
the blinds...(as you can see in the background).
Miniblinds and toddlers don't go well together.
Tho Zach would probably disagree.

Zachary, how old are you?


He really has no idea what he's saying or what it means, but it's darn cute!


23 months (already!!!)

Here's our monthly elephant shot--maybe the
cutest one yet.
Zachary is changing so quickly now...every day his
vocabulary expands (and we even understand
some of the words!!), he shows us that he knows
WAAAAAY more than we thought he did (for example
shutting his eyes when I told him to for a surprise),
the tantrums...well, they continue, and we're working
on that.
But truly, life with Zachary is a joy.

Duuuuh Duh.... Duuuuh Duh.... Duuuuuh Duh....

(Cue Jaws music)

Yesterday, Zachary had the fortune of going to the train depot with Grams and Alec. While they were there, they saw the ponds with the really big fish (koi?) in them...sometimes the fish would jump out of the water and other times, they just swam around with their backs sticking out (imagine a sharkfin here).

So Grams sang the Jaws tune.

Tonite, in the bathtub, when he was playing with his rubber shark, guess who was making Jaws music and having the shark jump out of the water.

I'll give you a hint: it wasn't Grams (at least as far as I know...she *may* have....)

Talk about cute!



In the last few days, Zachary has discovered running. And I have discovered that I can barely stand to watch it. At least when he's on pavement. Since he's already fallen twice and skinned his elbow, I watch anxiously with bated breath every time he runs (which seems to be every time he moves, these days) across pavement or concrete... I KNOW he's bound to have many, many bumps, bruises, and scrapes over the years, but can't we put them off for just a little while longer???


Camping Trip #3 (the one where Zach drinks pickle juice)

June 2006
Our third camping trip this summer--we're really
getting some use out of the tent trailer...and enjoying it!
This time, we went to Three Island State Park where they
do this every year. It was a lovely campground--very
toddler friendly, which is big for us these days.

The dogs enjoyed the grass

Zach decided to lick the ketchup off my burger...
not sure why, exactly...

If you look closely, you'll see the ketchup
on his lips as he prepares to go back
for more...

And there's nothing like dill pickle juice to
wash that ketchup down with

He didn't just taste it, he DRANK it
(which obviously cracked me up)


Another satisfied customer.

"Hiding" in the grass

Trying to hang the dogs' flippy flopper
in the tree

Looking at the pods in the tree

Playing "Pop" with his football on the sewer vent
(attractive, I know, but he enjoyed it)

Gus after wrapping his leash up for the
6,128th time

Nothing stationary (even for a moment) was
safe around Gus and his leash. Chris and I
had been sitting in the camper finishing breakfast
when we heard Zach hollering...Gus
had wrapped him in the leash.
I could maybe have gotten a better shot, but
I just wanted to capture it...it was hilarious

All in all, a very nice weekend.

The hover disc from hell

June 2006
We bought this GIANT hover disc at the toy store
the other day because Zach
1) LOVES to throw things
2) he enjoyed playing with the demo model in the store

Unfortunately, this one ended up being WAY larger than
the demo, so all it did successfully was frustrate
Zach to no end.

(this give you an idea of how large it is compared to him)
So, sadly, the hover disc has gone "bye bye"
until Zach is bigger and doesn't get so crazy mad
when he tries to have "fun" with it

Ma Ma

Those magical words...I've FINALLY heard them!!! Several times over the last few days.

It's music to my ears.

Tho I fully realize that may not be the case 6 months from now... I'm enjoying it 100% right now.


And for fun, another flashback

June 16, 2005
Little beatnik

This is why he may go to kindergarten drinking from a sippy...

May 2006
Altho Zach is skilled at drinking from a regular cup,
he seems to be compelled to not only stick his fingers
into the liquid in the cup, but also his food. In this
case, I think it was ham with soy milk.
Gross, definitely.
The rest of the pictures are a demonstration
of his many moods over the course of a
very short period of time.
Bad mommy, taking pictures of the fit instead
of attending to his needs.... :)

Throwing a fit does tend to make one thirsty...

The Next Picasso?

June 2006
Recently, Zachary discovered the joy of markers.
He works really well with them, taking the cap off one at
a time, and then putting it back on, all by himself.
His fingers get colored a bit, but really, he does
a great job. And the finished product is lovely!


EVERY American should read this article

AND look at the pictures, regardless of how difficult it is to do.

Iraq's War Porn

It's not pleasant, but I believe it's the reality of what is going on half a world away. It doesn't make me even remotely proud to be an American.



I find this to be exceedingly disturbing on so many levels...

Zach meets his future wife

June 2006
Last week, we took dinner to Brad and Lael and visited
with baby Elliot. It was the first time Zach met
her...and I'm pushing for an arranged
marriage--how cool would it be if he
married our best friends' daughter someday?

It was bound to happen. The dreaded N-word has entered Zachary's vocabulary for keeps in the last couple days. He doesn't seem to be using it excessively YET, and frankly, for now, it's still cuter than cute when he says it, but I know those days are numbered.

He is also saying:

Poop (I know, I know, great words...but he's starting to understand what they mean)
Out (as in, "Get me out of this grocery cart NOW")
Yukky (so cute!)
Pet (he LOVES LOVES LOVES going to the petstore to look at the small animals)
Da da (all the time....STILL waiting on a Ma Ma....sigh)
Ha (high)
Fuu (fruit water)
Pwe (please)
Buh Bye (is he destined for a job in the airline industry?)

There may be more, but that's all that comes to mind immediately. We still get several variations of "Buh" each day, and I'm still having trouble deciphering what it means each time, which is the source of some frustration, but not unbearable frustration. (at least for me)


New Haircut!

June 2006
It may be the best one he's ever gotten!
So handsome...

Butterflies, root beer and slides, OH MY!

June 2006
Today we took a trip to the zoo and had a wonderful time.
First, we had a bit of a snack--a hotdog and rootbeer, and Zach
"told" us that he had a butterfly land on his head
Thursday when he and I came and went thru the butterfly
exhibit... This is not exactly the truth, but I'm not sure
where he came up with it.

Z and I on the carousel.
Luckily, it was a short ride, cuz I was getting queasy.

The giraffe slide is the size of an actual giraffe...
Pretty amazing, huh?

Daddy and Z at the top of the slide

Solo slider!

Today in the butterfly exhibit, the butterflies were
especially friendly. The butterflies are from
Costa Rica and are so beautiful...currently there are
around 350 of them in the enclosure, but later in the season,
they anticipate having 600-900!!!

This one stayed on Zach's head for several minutes.
He was quite comfortable with it after the initial shock.

This is one of many that landed on Daddy.

This one stayed on my finger, touching
it with his tounge for several minutes...
which allowed us to study him carefully.

A beautiful one we saw on the way out.
All in all, a fantastic trip!