Ok Ok....

So I've been a total slacker in updating this lately... It's not for lack of material, or even for lack of time (since I'm on break right now)...just lack of motivation. But I really will put some new stuff up...hopefully before the end of the year.

Bear with me!



Airplane boy

November 2006
Pretending that the remote is a propeller

I'll post pictures later....

This evening.

I promise.

So silly...

I've discovered that life with a two-year old is NEVER boring. Take these stories for example:
  • While at Grams', when Zach and Alec (aka Popeye) were jumping on the bed, they had to take off their shirts so that they could see their belly buttons.
  • Yesterday, Grams heard a strange sound coming from the living room, and when she looked, Zachary was licking the cat. Yes, LICKING THE CAT. The strange sound was him "puh-puh-ing" to get the fur off his tongue. When I asked him, "Did you lick Baby Bear?" his reply was an enthusiastic, "YEAH!"
  • "No mama" is his newest favorite phrase. I have been prohibited from dancing, singing, commenting on Little Einsteins or any other show, and touching his airplanes or any other toy.... Hmmmm...I thought the parent-embarrassment factor didn't kick in until 12-13.
I can hardly wait to see what the future brings....


The famous Louie...

November 2006
I'm not entirely sure the affection is mutual...


Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Yup, he's got it. NO FUN.

For those of you unfamiliar with this little coxsackie (honest to goodness, that's what it's called) virus, look here.

Luckily, his spirits have been mostly good...he just can't eat because "Hut me! Mouth!" But we'll survive.

Musical prodigy?

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Tell me this isn't the silliest thing you've ever seen...
He's singing about Louie, Auntie K's cat


Fur Elise

November 2006
Fun at Auntie K's!

OK OK...here're some updated pictures!

November 2006
Some shots with the new camera...

I adore this photo!

Such a ham...