New camera - first shot

November 2006

Big boy eats apple!

November 2006
We don't need no stinking peeled sections!

The world's NOISIEST toy

November 2006
and I wish I were joking.

Painting Fun

September 2006

Boy + Shredded Paper + Fan =

September 2006
This series of pictures was temporarily misfiled
(it even happens with digital files!), but I wanted to share
it because I think it's hilarious.

Zachary discovers the trashcan full of shredded
paper and decides to see what will happen when
he holds the shreds up to the fan...

The result...

But being the great boy he is, he helped to clean up

And he is nothing if not thorough!


Super Sickies...

Sorry for the delay in updates...we've been battling a couple rounds of strep throat (Chris & I), and Zach's constant runny nose (the amount of kleenex we're going thru is truly amazing).

We bought a new camera however, so there's lots of material to put up...once I'm healthy enough to do so.


Hey George Bush!

There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Black Tuesday


How can the tide be turning across the ENTIRE nation, but Idaho somehow manages to elect nearly ALL Republicans???

And pass the marriage amendment?

And defeat funding for schools?

I've GOT to move to another state. I can't cope with this.



Oh my. We haven't had a nite like last nite for....well, I don't know how long.

Between dogs wanting to patrol the backyard for squirrels (It's the MIDDLE OF THE NITE! THEY'RE SLEEPING!) and Zachary waking up at 1 AM - I think due to a stuffy nose (yup, I think our household is descending into illness YET AGAIN) - and then not going back to sleep until 345 AM, it was a short nite's sleep for me.

Where are those toothpicks to prop my eyes open when I need them???



"Poop fly"

Last nite, we had Chinese food for dinner and with Chinese food, you always get fortune cookies... So, after we ate, we broke them out and gave Zach one (his first)...he took one look at it and said, "Poop fly!" (what he calls houseflies).

Chris and I cracked up. And then explained to him that it was a cookie and told him how to break it open. His first fortune read: THERE IS FAME IN YOUR FUTURE.

What an excellent first fortune for my poop fly boy.

More silly tub pics

October 2006
What a silly nut boy.


October 2006
Look at that marvelous crayon grip!!


Boo at the Zoo

October 2006
With the cutest little dragon that ever was!!!

More costume pics and stories about Boo at the Zoo
to come!


We broke 9000 hits! Amazing.

Thanks for your continued interest in my child, the cutest baby this side of the Mississippi (so as not to offend my friends on the other side who also have pretty cute kiddos).

October rain

October 2006
Earlier in October, on a particularly warm day
(thus the shorts), we had a big rain storm come
thru, and Zach couldn't resist going outside to
get wet in the rain.

A little blurry, but you can see he got pretty wet.
I guess that made it a successful venture.

Silly bath pictures

October 2006
With a bubble beard

Good action shots of drinking from the

Davey....Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

October 2006
The "coonskin hat" was a product of our first
visit to our new Cabela's store...

Poop face

No, Zach didn't call anyone that...tonite, as he was getting ready for bed, he pulled a wipe from the container and proceeded to wipe his face with it, saying, "Poop...face....poop....face."

Very funny!!!

Who knew talking was going to be this much fun???