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With parenting two young children while working full time.
I'm not doing a very good job of anything--parenting, counseling, housekeeping--these days...unless you count struggling.

And I'm doing a great job of that.

Just not much coming of it, other than tears and feelings of inadequacy...

I know it will pass...the unknown is when.
When I decide to give up on a clean house? Or even MARGINALLY clean?
When my kids move out?
When I retire?

I don't know...but it's very hard. Much, much harder than I ever anticipated. Much.


Happy Six Months, Marcus!


One sweatsuit, two babies

October 2004
(Z looking suspiciously like Chairman Mao)

September 2008
M healthy and happy
(and delightfully booger-free)

Ear infection

So, took M to the urgent care yesterday when his fever hit 103.4...looks like an ear infection. What that means is that our baby, who is just entering his 6th month of life outside of my body, has had 5 courses of antibiotics in his short life.

As Chris so eloquently put it: If he were a chicken, we wouldn't eat him.

(But at least I got to sleep for about 3 hours in my own bed last nite...Now if we can just overcome the copious amounts of mucus in that nose!)


Oy...I spoke too soon.

Poor, poor Marcus.

Last nite was almost as bad as the previous nite--minus the trip to the hospital. He is MISERABLE and was awake and crying off and on all nite. He's congested, so when he cries, he chokes. The only position he can seem to sleep in is upright on someone's (mostly my) shoulder.

At least Zac slept well last nite. The rest of us are exhausted.


$1000 gas

No, not at the pump (yet)....in Marcus' belly.

Last nite during his before bed bottle, he was letting it all dribble out of his mouth like he does when he's full or not interested, so Chris put him in the crib while he looked for a binky. M didn't like that at all and promptly began screaming. He got himself so worked into a lather that he was nearly impossible to console--he just kept crying and crying...and then he choked and threw up and kept crying.

He would calm down eventually and fall asleep, but as soon as we put him down, the crying--pain crying, not just mad crying--started again. Nothing worked for long--he didn't want to nurse or have his binky or be bounced or rocked...he just cried. And cried. And occasionally gasped. And after nearly three hours, Chris decided to take him to the emergency department.

Of course, you don't just drop in at the ER and then go right back home. Waiting is a very important part of the process. And so after a couple hours of waiting, they saw the doctor. X-rays were taken of M's abdomen and they saw that his poor little belly was completely distended with air. Nothing more serious than that, but anyone who's had a bubble stuck knows that it can be excruciatingly painful. And anyone who's ever had one also knows that there isn't a whole lot that can be done to "treat" it. So they came home at 230 AM with instructions to keep patting his back and gently massage his belly.

M and I dozed on the daybed in his room...he could doze some if he stayed on his side...but me, I didn't get much sleep at all. And this morning he was burning up with a fever (they checked his ears at the hospital, so I guess he's just got that virus that's going around--he had it two weeks ago also)...poor little bug can't seem to catch a break.

But tonite, he's bathed up, fed (ever so slightly--he doesn't have much appetite), and currently sleeping. So, as in the newborn days, I'm hitting the hay right behind him because I am exhausted.

Oh, and I don't know for sure that the gas will cost us $1000, it's just a rough estimate. :)


First Day of School

First day of Montessori.
Think I could get a normal picture?

Together is such a nice place to be

September 2008



August 2008

Silly Toe-Eating Baby

August 2008


Last Tuesday (8-26), Zac was helping daddy cut up some
potatoes for dinner (we're such good parents that we
allow our 4 year old to play with sharp implements), using
the pie server. Who would have thunk that the serrated
edge was as sharp as it was?
Now we know that it is fully capable of inflicting pretty serious
damage...serious enough that Zac had to be taken
to Urgent Care for steri-strips (modern equivalent of
stitches) and a splint.
I guess as the mother of two boys, I'd better get used
to the sight of blood, cuz I'm sure there's going to
be more spilled in the future.

Of course, the mashed potatoes we had planned were
scrapped along with the rest of the dinner, so Zac and daddy
brought home Arby's and we had a picnic dinner in the living room.

The culprit