For comparison

So cute!

19 months old

It's been such a busy month that Zach's 19 month
birthday came and went with nary a blink. But I don't think he was
much bigger three days later....



The sweetest sound

Is there ANY sound in the world that is sweeter than a child's laughter?

I think not.

*(inspired by spending time in the backyard with Z this afternoon, making silly sounds and throwing dead grass in the air...he belly laughed for at least 15 minutes, and it filled my heart with pure, unbridled joy)


Enjoying flowers

Zach enjoyed thoroughly checking out the flowers
that Granma had delivered for Valentine's Day

I love this picture, despite Cleo's butt...


Enjoying Gus
(I miss that fuzzy hair!)

Quirky boy

Here are a few of Zachary's quirks that crack me up:
  • saying "Caw Caw Caw" whenever he sees a bird in real life or in a book...apparently, he and Chris saw a crow the other day and Chris told him that's what crows say...now it's what all birds say. So cute!
  • his LOVE of being outside. This one doesn't crack me up so much as freezes me out...it's been bitter cold here lately, but that doesn't deter the wee one from wanting to spend as much time as possible outside. Red, frozen hands be damned!
  • shaking his head "no" when I ask him if he has pooey pants, when we both know that he does.
  • obsession with the dog water...and with throwing any piece of dirt he can find into it (poor dogs are thirsty all the time because we are constantly pouring out their water!)
  • sticking his magnetic letters UNDER the fridge, and thru the vent on the front (no wonder the fridge was looking bare...and as soon as Chris fished them all out, he began sticking them under again)
  • crying when he hears Raffi's "The More We Get Together"...and I mean CRYING...big sad lip, tears, the whole works (granted, Raffi makes me want to cry sometimes too, but this is a recent development). He also cries when he hears one of the songs on his crib aquarium...but it never used to bother him. Hmmmm....
  • saying "puh puh puh" when he gets licked in the face by Gus, or catches a dog tail in the face
  • blowing (and often spitting) on Cleo's fur. She's remarkably patient with this.



Poor Z...he woke up today with a 101 degree fever, so Chris and I split the day staying home with him...he mostly wanted to cuddle and watch Baby Einstein. Tonite, he was still hovering around 101-102.8... I hope he's feeling better tomorrow.


For Linda

Kristen and I are taking a beginning knitting class
together, and THIS is the product of my first two hours
of class. I think it's the state of Idaho, but I'm not sure.
Watch out Linda, soon I'll be knitting Zach sweaters just like yours! :)
(Go ahead and laugh now....I did)

Home haircut (oh my!)

Boy + highchair + thumb + Baby Einstein video =
sitting still for Daddy to cut his hair!

As long as Daddy doesn't get in front of the tv...

This is an improvement?

Cutie pie!
(it may not be beautiful, but it was FREE!)
(and it will always grow out)
(and no, we didn't use a bowl in any way or shape--it just looks that way)

"Oh Daddy, aren't you done YET?"

No wiretaps here

The old foil on the head trick gets 'em every time!


Time for a flashback

Those eyes!
That hair!
Those chubby little hands!

Love this picture


Slide mastery

Zachary figured out how to climb onto his slide and slide down
all on his own... he's growing up!

Backwards works...


Speaking of sprayers

Or spray bottles or whatever.... Zachary has mastered the spray nozzle that we use when he takes a bath...which now makes bathtime even more dangerous for mommy and daddy.

Fun with the spray bottle


It's fun to spray the dryer

Nice action shot

Spraying the camera (which I didn't realize at the time)

The joy of childhood

Is enjoying being outside on a cold day,
playing in some old leaves


Spitting....not spitting image, just spitting

That's Zachary's latest trick. Pretty silly...especially when his mouth is full of food or milk.

I guess it's just a preview of the next 10 years or so....

Wiretapping from our friends at the Onion

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