Another scrap

Your hair is something rarely seen in nature - something that cannot be controlled by the will of man, nor the elements of nature. It is, quite simply, dandelion hair.
I’ve given up on trying to control it (not that I ever really tried - I knew it was futile from the start), and am really beginning to embrace it just as it is.
A glorious, fluffy, glowing (in the right light) puff of hair on the back of your head.
It’s you. And I love it.
And besides, it hides your Hurricane Katrina cowlick.


In memory

Memorial Day

Just taking some time today to think of loved ones who are no longer here....Grandpa Wirth, Grandpa Haberman, James & Earlene Scott....and thinking how blessed I was to have known them.

Even now, I still miss all of them.

Another scrap



M busy studying a bucket

First water balloon experience

Bustin' out the old bike trailer...

Dandelion hair


Outdoor boys

Oh do they LOVE the outdoors!

Those boys of mine...I can tell we are going to need LOTS of sunscreen this summer! Thank heaven the weather is finally cooperating....

New scraps



Yup. A week ago, the micronugget started taking steps on his own...deliberately. He still prefers crawling because he's so much better at it, but the walking has begun. Running coming soon. :)

New Scraps