I can't stop!!!!!!!!!

But it's so much fun...

And a couple more....

and now I really need to go to bed....


More scraps....

Wish I could take more credit for the last one...it's simply a
transparent overlay made by Brandy Murry of Scrap Girls
(and inspired by one of her designs)...
and a picture of my lovely sister on her wedding day. I
really had very little to do with
the final product.
Ain't it purdy tho?


Happier baby...


Belay my last

I don't think it's a tooth after all (whew!)...

Instead, it's a double ear infection (dang!).
For such a miserable baby, he's still pretty dang sweet and manageable....just not sleeping so well at nite....which makes for a very tired baby and a very tired mommy.

But, better living thru antibiotics....hopefully after two doses today, tonite will be a little better for us all.

(and for the record, Z is very much on the mend!)


A tooth?!!??

I think Marcus is cutting his first tooth already....he seems so young! But there's a bump on his gum, drool in copious amounts, runny nose and fever with no other explanation.



Happy Father's Day and birthday, Poppa!

Those boys love their poppa!

Thing 1


Thing 2

Thanks Uncle Jas and Aunt Jess for the onesie...


Not a great radio station I just discovered.

Not the temperature outside today.

Not how many books I read last year.

Not even my goal weight.

It was Zach's temperature reading when he returned from a birthday party at a local swimming pool. Yeah, 105.3. Knowing me, Chris didn't tell me that reading...he only told me when it dropped to a mere 104.7. We were thinking heatstroke, called a nursing line and the on-call doctor from Z's doctor's office, and they ran us thru some checks for meningitis and asked questions about his ears...turns out, it was an ear infection. Whoda thunk? He hasn't complained once about his ears hurting.

If I never see another fever that high again, it will be too soon. It was awful to see his nearly naked little body on the couch in front of a fan, covered with goosebumps, shivering like the middle of winter and to nearly burn your hand when touching his back or his head....simply awful.

At least he's on the mend today....thought all this ear infection nonsense was behind us...guess not.




Two boys

Yes, they do lay around on the floor together a lot...

Zachary: rock star mountain climber

Memorial Day weekend, we went to a barbecue at Chris'
Aunt & Uncle's house and afterward, the whole crew headed to
a nearby park and promptly decided
to head up the giant hill that's there
(well, the whole crew except me, I stayed behind with the
baby and the camera)...
And believe it or not, Zach's little legs took him all
the way to the top and all the way back down!
He was the last one up and the last one down,
but not due to any physical reason...
he simply had to stop and look at every bug he
saw and ask Daddy, "What bug is dat? What does it do?"
and on and on and on.
We're lucky he made it up and down in the same day!
He's in the gray t-shirt and jeans near the center of this picture...

Just trying to give a little perspective...
It's a darn big hill, with a spectacular view from the top.

Happy 3 months, Marcus!



Two things about these pictures stand out to me:
Marcus seems much bigger than Z at the same age.
That poor elephant is showing his age...or at least his dirt.



We're all sick to some degree around here...me the worst, I think, and Marcus the least.

Nice way to start the summer.


Some Marcus sweetness

May 08

To tide you over until I upload pics from the cameras...


Tonite, we ventured out as a family plus the sweet neighbor boy who plays with Zach every time we ask even tho he's headed into 7th grade next fall, for a delightful dinner at Red Robin and then to the cheap theater to take in Horton Hears a Who. A fitting movie for Marcus' first trip to the movies since they share a release date.

Overall, the outing was a smashing success. Zach had so much fun having his friend with us, and Marcus was a great baby during the movies--he let out nary a peep. We had a near crisis when I dropped the binky on the floor, but when Chris returned from the snack bar, he was able to crawl around on the floor and retrieve it, so crisis averted. I think Marcus would have been fine without it, anyway.

All told, it was a fun time--and I loved the movie to boot. Next time, Kung Fu Panda!