Two weeks

and counting till the newest E family member arrives...

Had a doctor appt today, and the baby is NOWHERE near being engaged in my pelvis, so in a conservative estimate, labor is about 6 months off. Good thing we have a scheduled c-section on the books already. Either something about my pelvis repels my spawn or my body just LOVES hauling this extra load around....but I'm the only part of this picture who seems ready to see things change.

The blood pressure is still good - again, to my dismay - since I planned on starting my leave March 13 with the idea that I would most likely end up on bed rest again (statistically, that was supposed to happen) somewhat earlier than that. No dice. Ah well...

The insomnia is unbelievable at this point...if this baby only sleeps as much as Zach ever did (which was virtually none at times), I'll be way ahead of where I am now. I'm ready to have the baby just for the opportunity to nap during the day--when I feel like I could actually sleep.

Although I'm still somewhat anxious about this baby and becoming a parent again (I REALLY thought this would all be resolved by this point of the pregnancy), I'm getting a little excited to meet this little bug and see who he/she is...and hopefully be pleasantly surprised about parenting this time around.


Cold Sore

Who knew that three and a half year olds got cold sores???

Not me, but Zach sure as heck woke up with one on Tuesday. Breaks my heart, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him much, now that he's a few days into it...and it seems like it's on the way to healing rather quickly, so that's good.

Now I can hope that this is the only outbreak he ever has to suffer. ~fingers crossed~

21 Days

Well, since today is essentially over, make that 20 days till baby's arrival. Three weeks from now, the little one will be here in our arms, for better or worse. It can't come soon enough.

  • The heartburn is all but killing me--to the point of waking me up to vomit in the nite sometimes. The plantar fasciitis I've developed in my left foot is excruciating to put it mildly.
  • My clothes no longer fit. At all.
  • The nurse at my ob-gyn even commented today on how magnificent I've gotten (that was not her word, but I prefer to think that's what she meant).
  • The insomnia is ridiculous. I sleep pretty well (usually) from 10 or 11 pm until 130 or 200 am...then it's hit or miss for the next several hours. Usually miss.
  • Chris has taken to sleeping in baby's room on the daybed due to my excessive moaning/strangled breathing during those brief interludes when I actually do sleep, so our king sized bed is pretty lonely at nite...tho that will change soon enough, I suppose.
  • I can barely get my socks on in the morning, and forget about trimming toenails or shaving my legs...thank heaven I've been wearing slip on Birkenstocks, or I'd be in flipflops (if I had any).
  • I think some nesting has set in, but my girth is so cumbersome, there isn't much action I can take on it, aside from fantasizing about all that I'd do if I were able to move more comfortably.

  • On the plus side, my blood pressure is under control and not a concern.
  • The baby moves a lot, tho is obviously growing because I don't feel the flips as much as I was feeling them (and this is ok with me as it would literally curl my toes when it happened).
  • I'm very anxious to meet this little one and find out who he/she is (hopefully he/she is the complacent baby I've dreamed of for the past 9 months--I refuse to entertain other options).

Zach seems to be adjusting to the idea pretty well...tho I did ask him yesterday if he was ready to become a big brother and he replied that no, he'd rather stay a boy (I love how three year old minds work).

The anxiety about having another c-section has started to creep in...we had a hospital tour last nite, and when we saw the operating room where I had my last c-section, it creeped me out. To put it mildly. I realize logically that going with a scheduled section and a spinal block, I won't feel the surgery this time, but that doesn't ease my anxiety any. The claustrophobia I felt with that drape hanging at my chin...ugh. Everything about it is worrisome to me...including the recovery. Of course, I don't have ANY desire to attempt regular labor at all, so unless I plan to stay pregnant for the rest of my life (GOD FORBID), it's got to come out somehow. Hopefully we're taking the path of least resistance.