Still suspecting...

...after a whopping three hours of sleep last nite, we're still suspecting that Zach has an ear infection...but at this point, there's nothing to do but wait. And sleep when we can...so I'm headed to bed.


Just Chillin' wit my homies

Gotta love the Bling

an' tha shoez!


I hate to say it

...but Chris and I both think that Zachary is coming down with ANOTHER ear infection.

Friday, he was a little congested, and wasn't eating as well as he usually does. Yesterday, his nose started running, he was fussier than normal, and ate very little. Today, still fussy, still runny nose, still eating very little, and a fever to boot. I figure we'll be headed to Dr. M's by Thursday or Friday...and frankly, I'll be hoping that his ears show an infection so that we can get antibiotics...if things continue to progress like I think they will.

Poor little one...he's been sick every month since January.

And we were swingin'...

We finally hung the swing we got at a yard
sale a few weeks ago, and it's a big hit with the
wee one...I see many afternoons in the backyard
in our future!


Fun with Daddy...

Such a sweet hug...

Nobody spins him like Daddy...

He LOVES to grab Daddy's glasses...


My boy, that is. He is changing so quickly now it boggles my mind.

Every day, he comes up with some new trick that he has learned or something that he has figured out how to do...yesterday it was pointing out things that he has noticed (like the sailboat mobile hanging on Dr. M's ceiling), today it was reacting with glee when he saw the Baby Einstein DVD case because he recognized it. Two days ago, it was figuring out that if he doesn't swallow the water in his mouth, it dribbles down his chin and makes mom crazy. The list goes on and on.

Who needs cable when you have a 10-month old baby--especially THIS 10-month old baby?


All clear

Got the word from Dr. M today that Zach's ears are all clear... Good news! That means we have dodged the tubes bullet...for now, anyway.


Those eyes...

He really is so adorable...

That baby cracks me up!

He just went down for a nap, and after a little while, I hear a noise coming from his room that I can't quite make out. So I creep to the door and peek thru the crack, to see him laying in his crib LAUGHING at nothing in particular, then rolling to his tummy so he can bang his head on the mattress, and rolling back over to laugh.


What a funny little man I have.


Baby in a basket



Honestly, isn't he really the cutest baby
you've ever seen?

Fun at the park

Going down the slide with daddy...

...notice the thumb still in the mouth...

...and still there! What a silly boy.


Ten Whole Months!

And it has certainly flown by!
Isn't he getting so big?


We got Zachary a big boy cup with a straw attached because he seemed to be having some trouble getting water out of his sippy cup when he couldn't tip the cup high enough, and BOY OH BOY does he LOVE his new cup!!!

It took him about 60 seconds to figure out how to suck on the straw, and then there was no stopping him. He drank and drank and drank and drank until I thought for sure he would float away....

All is good in the Erwin household.

What a big boy



Beautiful boy

5 weeks old

Boy in a box, Part II

Isn't he about the cutest baby you've ever seen??

Zach & his "cousin"

Enjoying "cousin" Deano



Zachary is getting good at giving kisses...tonite he gave me a kiss by opening his mouth as wide as it would go and putting it on my mouth...it was pretty sweet.

At least I *think* it was a kiss...

First trip to the Zoo!

Pointing to a bug on the glass

Looking at the monkeys
Yeah, we didn't get any really good shots...but it was a fun trip!


And we have 7 teeth now!

They came in a flurry...it was hard to keep up...but I think we're in a lull now....

Get this silly thing off my head



So Zach went to Dr. M yesterday to have his ears peeked at...

YUP. Double ear infection.

Now we wait and see.


Another milestone...

Zachary can scoot in a circle (turn 180 degrees) on his bum.

And he's gotten quite efficient at it...he can even do it in the bathtub.

It's so dang cute!

Boy in a box



UPDATE on doctor appt Friday

Friday was so nuts that I didn't have a chance to update on Zach's appointment, but basically, Dr. T checked him out and said that he has a double ear infection - AGAIN - and his recommendation was to call Dr. M (ENT guy) and schedule tubes as soon as the infection cleared.

So when I got home (at 440, of course - they close at 500), I called Dr. M's office and spoke with his nurse, who was very skeptical that it actually was an ear infection and that lots of family doctors call it an ear infection when the ear drum is red, but many things (such as crying) can make it red. She said they were seeing lots of viral stuff around that was causing fever and nasal discharge and that may have been what was wrong with Zach, so if he wasn't feeling better after a couple days on the antibiotics, we could assume it was viral. She also said that Dr. M would want to check his ears with the microscope to see if there truly was an infection, so I have to call Monday.

The gist of it is...I probably should have taken him back to Dr. M on Friday, but after having been there once earlier in the week, I figured it might be something else...plus I had already cried EAR INFECTION! and been wrong once this week--I couldn't go for two, could I?

At any rate, Zachary seems to be feeling much better after a few doses of the antibiotic - and hasn't had a fever since he started, so ol' Dr. T may have been right on on this one.

Stay tuned for more drama.


OH! AND....

...he's *this* close to crawling...

New milestone!

I don't think there is anything much cuter
than my darling baby boy POINTING!!
And pointing at daddy's RC airplane, no less.
He's a genius.
Gorgeous and brains too...wow.

This is what I wake up to

Isn't he cute in his big boy jammies???


This is who we USED to take pictures of...



Son in the sun

Well, ok, it wasn't that sunny, but we still
had a nice time in the backyard today.
(doesn't his hair look red in this picture??)

ANOTHER doctor appt...

Tomorrow we are taking Zachary to the doctor AGAIN...he has had a a runny nose for two weeks and a fever since Monday that doesn't seem to be going away, so we called and they said bring him in...

No idea what it is...maybe a sinus infection? Something respiratory? Who knows. But I hope we find out and can do something about it. Poor little guy.

Poor kid won't get to go to college because we will have spent his college fund on doctor's appointments!!

On the plus side, we also get to pick up his nine month portraits tomorrow... :)

Never mind the runny nose...

He's still the cutest baby this side of Jupiter...



Notice the hair...

Isn't it cute?

The Mom who cried, "EAR INFECTION!"

Yup, that's me.

Of course, the doctor tried to make it better by saying, "It's better to bring him in when you think he has one, even if he doesn't, than to not treat him when he does have one." Or something like that.

I couldn't quite hear thru my embarrassment.


ANOTHER ear infection???

We have an appt with the ENT tomorrow morning at 730 to find out...something is certainly wrong with my little boy (fever, crying with tears, not just noise), so I hope we can find out what.

Isn't he wonderful?



Mother's Day: Then and Now



Mother's Day thoughts...

Wow. My first Mother's Day with a child that exists OUTSIDE of my body...

I remember finding out I was pregnant and thinking, "I'm going to be a mom...that's so weird. MOM. ME. Weird." For many months I thought that, wondering when I would finally feel comfortable with the title of "Mom," when I would be able to think it without cringeing and feeling like an imposter.

Zach was born, and we had many struggles in the beginning: feeding, sleeping, hormones running rampant, feeling incompetent and insecure, dreading Chris' going back to work and leaving me home *ALONE* with the baby...

And time went on. Zach grew bigger, and as he grew, so did my confidence. Slowly, I learned ways to soothe him. Bit by bit, we figured each other out. We learned games to play with one another, we learned how to be together, and we learned how to go out and about together. We worked out our many assorted feeding issues, got thru some bouts of illness (both mine and his), managed my going back to work in a new job where I knew nothing and had to pump in a TINY little bathroom with NO counters or seats other than the toilet, we struggled thru sleep training, started solid foods, lived thru three consecutive ear infections and two medication sensitivities, laughed, cried and hollered together, played in the grass, walked many miles in the stroller, spent many lovely hours together in the rocker in the dead of nite, spent many not-so-lovely hours together in the rocker in the dead of nite...

And thru it all, my love for this little human being has grown more than I EVER imagined it could. To me, he is every cliche about love ever written. The sun rises and sets because he is in my world. He has taught me so much about myself in the past nine months, more than I had learned in the previous 34 years. He has taught me so much about love, and patience, and frustration, and forgiveness, and uncertainty, and laughter, and fear, and play, and pain, and joy....

But most of all, he's taught me that I truly am a Mom.

Four, Five and maybe Six??

The teeth are coming in droves these days...the two top front ones have peeked thru and I *think* one more up there is about to make an appearance. For all the action going on in his mouth, Zachary has been in surprisingly good spirits, something that we are all thankful for.

Now if we could just kick this constantly runny nose...


Isn't he adorable?